15 Best Oil for Wood Furniture: Reviews and Guide

Best Oil for Wood Furniture

A beautiful finish is the dream of every woodworker. Whether on furniture, cabinets, floors, or other items, the right finish elevates the wood’s aesthetics, protects it, and, above all, prolongs its lifespan. As such, wood oiling has become very popular. Wood oil nourishes the wood from within, replenishing and enhancing the wood’s natural properties. It … Read more

Can You Paint Over Painted Wood?

Can You Paint Over Painted Wood

You have bought a new wooden piece of furniture, but its color doesn’t match the rest of the décor. Now, investing in another piece is out of the question. So, can you paint over painted wood? The process is helpful even for old furniture and crown moldings where the old paint is still present. What’s … Read more

14 Best Putty for Nail Holes: Reviews and Buyer Guide

Best Putty for Nail Holes

Nail hole fillers are essential products for professional woodworkers and DIY devotees. You use them to conceal minor scratches and fill ugly holes brought about by hardware removal. You can also use real wood putty to fill nail holes and keep your wood floors and furniture elegant for ages. But with so many hole fillers … Read more