There are many ways to beautify your deck, and painting it is right at the top of the list. Aside from a touch of beauty, painting your deck protects it from pest invasions, deterioration, damaging UV rays, etc.

However, choosing the deck color is just as important as the painting of the deck itself. Many don’t know what paint color to go with.

If you fall in that category, you’re in luck, as we have compiled a list of the best deck paint colors you can use and how to choose one for yourself.

Best Deck Paint Colors

There are many color ideas, but below are the 13 best deck paint colors. We’ve also provided the best deck paints available for each of the colors.

1. Black

Black is for the bold and courageous. Black is an excellent way to merge hue with absolute beauty and is just the perfect color for your deck.

Apart from the ease of cleaning that comes with black paint, on some days, when the sun shines so powerfully, the hue of the color waters down the intense glare, and you don’t have to squint.

Black brings the much-needed contrast to your outdoor design scheme and easily repels off the dust from settling on your wooden deck. However, ensure you plan your home and furnishings carefully to complement this bold color.

Moreso, uncovered areas can easily absorb heat which could be beneficial or not depending on the climatic condition of your home.

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2. White Wash

If you don’t like bolder colors or prefer something soft with a touch of glamor, then white wash is the perfect color for your deck paint.

The best part of the white wash color is that it doesn’t completely cover your deck. It leaves it with traces of wood grain, thereby making your deck look rustic and unique.

White wash blends well with pavers and contrasts seamlessly with almost any color of your furnishings and indoors. The white wash works better if the deck is not entirely exposed; a little bit of coverage protects the integrity of the color.

If you are low on budget or time, the white wash is the right deck paint color for you. It is quick and profitable in terms of cost.

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3. Calming Blue

The blue color is extremely calm and cool, perfect for your outdoor oasis. It’s your go-to color if you need an elegant pop of colors or some quiet and serene environment.

Like the name, calming blue provides the aura to soothe and heals with calmness. A blue deck caters to any personality, and it takes your energy, mood, and positivity a nudge higher.

This color is a game-changer for wood decks; the energy, the feel, and the tranquility all combine to give you the perfect oasis you’ve always wanted.

Also, calming blue easily repels stains; with soap and water, deck stains are washed off, leaving your deck shining bright as always.

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4. Classic Gray

One of the best deck paint colors is classic gray. Far from the common notion that grey means dull, classic grey brings charm and sophistication with some beachy feel to your deck.

Little wonder it is gaining more popularity in the world all over. Classic grey is a neutral base color that blends seamlessly with many defined colors to provide different shades of aura and elegance.

Firstly, it combines colors such as orange, yellow or red to communicate a welcoming and lively deck. Secondly, with contrasting colors such as black or white, its deep hues breathes life into an older deck.

There is more! Classic grey gives more area to accommodate the sun allowing you and your family to enjoy it as a tan house.

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5. Chocolate Brown

If you like the smell, look, and feel of wood, but don’t want wood deck stain color in your outdoor space, then chocolate brown is the color.

Chocolate brown brings an earthy feel, tranquility, and calm to your deck, making it the perfect place to unwind. Chocolate brown blends easily with different accessories, including furniture, rugs, and plants.

And the ability of the shade of brown to complement different hues is another benefit of painting your deck with the color.

If you want your deck to come out bold with a touch of elegance, light, and openness, then chocolate brown is the color you should go for. It brings urban vibes to your deck and leaves no mark or print afterward.

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6. Fiery Red

The fiery red color is for people with daring personalities. You should paint your deck fiery red if you belong to that category. It will never go out of trend, not in a hurry.

Want to breathe life into that dull backyard? Give it a burst of fiery red. Red commands attention and creates an energetic and fun environment that gives everyone a surge in adrenaline level and makes them vibe like they never did.

However, consider the existing color palette of your home’s exterior before taking that bold step.

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7. Dark Blue

Another wood deck paint color you should consider is dark blue. Dark blue can bring a beach house aesthetic to your wooden deck. This color brings liveliness and brightness without losing its strength and taste.

Unlike the other shades of blue, dark blue has this fluster of nautical that hints at Mediterranean living style with repose.

Dark blue is a perfect pick for exterior paint because it’s not so dark to absorb too much heat and makes uncovered spaces hot to walk during the day.

Although deck stains might not come off quickly, dark blue is suitable for hiding marks, prints, and dirt.

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8. Earthy Brown

Earthy brown comes in different shades, including light and dark, but, sadly, none commands so much attention. For a fact, this color is typical for its simplicity and tranquility. That’s the most appealing feature of this color.

Earthy brown combines seamlessly with your furniture, rugs, and plants, and it easily complements other hues. One thing you will enjoy with this color is the calm and lovely feel of nature it provides.

This color masks dirt and marks. You may need more than water to remove the wood stain completely. This wouldn’t stop you from enjoying maximum comfort while relaxing on your wood decking.

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9. Slate Gray

If you fancy a contemporary feel, then slate grey might be the right choice. Slate grey is more of a practical hue because it reflects less glare hiding dust, marks, and stains.

Also, its deep hues make it a perfect contrast with different shades of light colors and walls and blend smoothly with dark walls. Like earthy brown, slate grey is known for its simplicity and elegance with a soft touch of glamor.

To get the best of this deck color idea, ensure you team it with the pavers, keep the deck shade soft, and match the outdoor elements. You can quickly get deck stains off your wood decking with soap and water.

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10. Greige

Griege is one of the deck color ideas that has been gaining much attention in recent years. This color offers a perfect balance of cool and warm at the same time. Don’t know what the color is?

Well, greige is just the combination of grey and bridge. So, if you love both grey and bridge or have a hard time picking one of the two, you should opt for greige. More so, if lighter colors interest you, but you want them unique and cool, greige is your answer.

Light greige brings out extra brightness, even in covered areas. It adds more texture and feel to your home interior paints with the different sun shining through the windows. Your dirt marks and stains are concealed too.

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11. Navy Blue

Navy blue is such a powerful and versatile color. It pairs easily with different shades and tints of hues, including orange, yellow, green, and even purple. It’s another color option for your wooden porch.

Navy blue is easily reminiscent of the deep, blue ocean and space. That color provides calm with a few sparks to give the outdoor area the right flavor to vibe all day.

However, as versatile as this color is, you should be mindful of the style and color of outdoor furniture and pavers. A wrong color combination could throw the whole decking color off the grid.

Also, the navy color is not outrightly the perfect color to hide imperfections and dirt marks.

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12. Snow White

Having a white deck in your backyard can be so comforting and lovely. The sanity and brightness of the white color leave you wanting to have many wooden decks of the same color in your out space.

The natural ability of white color to reflect light is arguably the best, and in closed areas, it evens out the level of brightness.

If your stay in places with warmer climatic conditions, painting your deck is an excellent way to boost the level of comfort of your outdoor setting.

However, snow-white requires regular cleaning to maintain the integrity of the color. Deck stains and dirt are apparent and can be pretty difficult to wash off. Besides that, the elegance and royalty of this color are non-deniable.

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13. Alligator Green

Like every other shade of green, alligator green is the color of nature. It evokes powerful emotionS and makes you bask in the incredible feel and smell of nature.

Painting your deck with this color provides feelings of abundance, newness, and peace. Alligator green is a blend of earthly green with warm yellow undertones.

This will certainly brighten up your backyard and offer an impressive contrast to your home’s furniture and decor if combined with the right colors. Green is a good concealer of dirt marks, deck stains, and footprints.

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There you have it! 13 color ideas for your wood decks. Whatever your color preference is, you can be sure not to go wrong with any discussed colors.

However, to make informed decisions on the type of colors for your deck boards, some factors must be considered.

Let’s talk briefly about them.

How to Choose the Perfect Deck Color

Before you pick a color for your deck, consider the following tips:

Deck colors should complement home exterior

Okay, it’s good to be creative and daring, but preferably, the color of your deck should be a cohesive part of your home’s exterior scheme. Consider the shades of your siding, outdoor elements, and furniture. That’s so important.

Choose an accent that complements the color scheme of your home’s exterior and work with that. That’s a lot safer and better.

Choose deck color with the surrounding landscaping in mind

More so, the surrounding landscape of your deck should determine the kind of color you use. A green landscape should suggest contrasting colors, such as red or orange, to even out the seeming dullness of the green color.

Conversely, a colorful landscape might require toning down with a natural deck palette of black or chocolate brown.

Consider the deck material

Wooden decks are more preferred to brick pavers because of flexibility. You can easily paint and stain your wood decks with different colors, and you can change colors whenever you desire. Brick pavers don’t have that luxury.

Consider the deck’s location

Your deck paint colors should also depend on the location of the deck. If it is connected directly to your home, you should consider a color that complements its interior.

Use color wheel rules

To choose the best color combination for your deck, consider using a scheme of three colors; dominant, secondary, and accent color. This combo of colors can be used on siding, furniture, decking, and other outdoor purposes.

The dominant tone acts as the primary hue, and the other two colors complement it, such as with outdoor pillows, planters, and other accessories.

Factor in wear and tear

Also, to choose your deck paint color, both the shade and finish should be considered. For example, the traffic on stairs is more than on the railings; hence, you may need to restain them more often.

More importantly, your deck should be cleaned regularly and restained when necessary.

Try out the paint on small scale first

After choosing your preferred deck paint color combination, ensure you try it out on a color board before painting the whole deck. You do not want to entirely paint your deck before you realize it’s a wring combination.

Try your color combo out on a small scale first, be sure it is the way you want it before painting the deck.


What color should I paint my deck in outdoor space?

The color to paint your deck pretty much depends on your personality. If you prefer something calm and subtle, you should consider going for colors like chocolate brown, black or calming blue.

If you want your deck lively, fiery red or snow-white might be the color. Also, preferably, you should take color cues from the shades of your home’s exterior.

What deck color is suitable for white homes?

White homes will go almost any color of your choice. That’s because a white house will make any color pop. So, just explore your creativity and have fun while at it.

Well, if you would like to emphasize the features of your deck, you should consider light grey shades. They are a natural complementary option.

Should your deck color be the same as your home color?

Yes, your house and deck can be of the same color, but they don’t have to be. Preferably, your deck paint color should complement the exterior of your home.

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If you will be spending a considerable amount of time having fun on your deck, you should do it in a beautiful environment. These best deck paint colors will give your outdoor experience a touch of glamor and elegance.

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