Regardless of your woodworking experience, carving wood with a Dremel requires the right bits. Since different bits suit specific needs, selecting the correct one for your project is vital.

Unfortunately, with the vast palette of wood carving bits saturating the market, picking the right one for you is no child’s play. Lucky for you, I’ve tested several products to find the best wood carving bits for Dremel. 

This post highlights the best-performing products and offers a buyer’s guide to help you with your purchase. Read on to learn more.

Best Dremel bits for wood carving

  1. Taita Tools 20pc Double Cut BurrsBest Overall Wood Carving Bits for Dremel
  2. LukcaseBest Wood Carving Bits for Beginners
  3. Double Cut Carbide Burr Set Best Dremel bit for carving letters in wood
  4. QLOUNI 20pcs Rotary BitBest Affordable Dremel Bits for Carving Wood
  5. Routing Router Grinding Bit Set by unhoBest value for Your Money
  6. 20 PCS HSS Routing Grinding Bit SetBest Wood Carving Bits for Fine Carving
  7. Dremel 692 6-Piece Router Bit SetBest wood Dremel Bits For Routing
  8. Kutzall Extreme Rotary BurrsBest Wood Carving Bits for Roughing Work
  9. Tonsiki 20PCS Wood Carving Bits SetBest Dremel bit for cutting wood
  10. SPTA 10Pc HSS Router BitsBest high-speed steel woodworking Dremel bits
  11. TitaniumBest Dremel engraving bits for wood

11 Best Dremel Bits For Wood Carving

I carefully considered material, cutting efficiency, and versatility factors in selecting my list of the 11 Best Dremel Bits for Wood Carving.

I researched user experiences and expert opinions, focusing on bits that excel in wood carving tasks.

From high-speed cutters to tungsten carbide options, my curated selection aims to provide reliable, high-quality Dremel bits that cater to beginners and experienced woodworkers alike.

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1. Best overall wood carving bits for Dremel– Taita Tools 20pc Double Cut Burrs

20PC Carbide Double/Single Cut Burr Set - 3mm Shank, Rotary...
  • ✔️ [PREMIUM BURRS DESIGNED IN THE UK] Whether your job implies precision metal work, engineering, tool making, welding, deburring, jewelry making, or you enjoy various DIY arts and crafts or hobbies such as sculpting, TaitaTools carbide burr sets are exactly what you need for premium results!
  • ✔️ [TOP QUALITY MATERIAL] These rotary tool bits are made with premium carbide tungsten steel, a highly durable material which is guaranteed to withstand the test of time. With a double and single cut tooth angle which prevents chipping, this tungsten carbide bit set is superior to any high speed tungsten carbide burrs.
  • ✔️ [A TOOLBOX MUST] This 20-piece burr set for wood includes everything you need for cutting, shaping, grinding, polishing and removing sharp edges, being compatible with ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood, plastic and even stone. The kit includes a massive selection of shapes for all types of cuts.

The perfect Dremel wood carving bits should make precise cuts while maintaining balance. You’ll want to use a tool with minimal vibration, such as this double cut burrs from Taita tools, to achieve both functions. 

This product delivers superior results in engineering projects, jewellery making, deburring, welding, and jobs involving precision metal work. Similarly, you could deploy this set on various crafts, DIY arts, and hobbies like sculpting.

These Dremel bit sets consist of premium tungsten steel, thus offering maximum durability in the long run. It also includes a single and double-cut tooth angle, eliminating the chances of chipping. 

This kit comes with 20- bits to help you tackle everything from cutting wood to grinding, shaping, and polishing. Besides wood, you can use it to remove the sharp edges on ferric and non-ferric metal, plastic, and stone.

Unlike other products, this set of carving burrs delivers a quicker cutting time, making it suitable for forging all kinds of metal mold. Moreover, this kit comes in a great storage box, making it easy to store or transport.

Additionally, the storage box keeps the bits within your reach, making them accessible whenever you need them. As a result, you can avoid losing or misplacing your bits. Lastly, this product comes with a 1-year exclusive warranty.


  • It’s suitable for making precise cuts 
  • It maintains a good balance
  • It’s affordable
  • It consists of durable material


  • It lacks vital shapes, including teardrop and ball head
  • It doesn’t work well on soft metal
  • It isn’t suitable for fine detailing

2. Best wood carving bits for beginners– Lukcase Double Cut Carbide Rotary BurrLukcase Double Cut Carbide Rotary Burr

Double Cut Carbide Rotary Burr Set - 10 Pcs 1/8" Shank, 1/4"...
  • ✔【CARBIDE DIE GRINDER BITS】: These carbide rotary burr set, with 1/8'' shank is made from Tungsten Carbide. Total Length:45-50mm, Cutting Diameter 1/4'', Shank Length 35mm, Shank Diameter 1/8''.
  • ✔【DOUBLE CUT DESIGN】: The groove lines of these carbide rotary burr's head are crossed, which makes it more suitable for materials with relatively low density, such as wooden, plastic and aluminum.
  • ✔【ADAPTABILITY】: 1/8” shank fits dremel and most small rotary tools with three jaw chuck for accurate centering. An ideal choice for your DIY woodworking, carving, engraving, and polishing.

This rotary burr set consists of 10 durable tungsten carbide bits. The bits, which feature a 1/8-inch shank, measures 45-50 mm, with a cutting diameter of 0.25 inches. Moreover, it has a 35mm shank length.

The head of each burr includes crossed groove lines, making the tool suitable for low-density materials such as wood, aluminum, and plastic. 

Besides the Dremel, the burr’s 1/8-inch shank easily fits rotary tools with a 3-jaw clamp for accurate centering. These features make this tool set from Lukcase ideal for carving, polishing, engraving, and DIY woodworking.

Moreover, since they consist of durable material, these solid rotary burrs have a longer working life. As a result, you can expect your tools to work 200x longer than a grinding wheel and 10x as much as high-speed steel. 

Also, unlike other sets, this product comes in three shapes: ball, sphere, and cylinder-shaped. These double-cut fluted burrs measure about 3mm, making them suitable for detailed work. 

This design makes the product aggressive but suitable for softwoods, including butternut and basswood. 

Besides the affordable price tag for the entire 10-piece set, these multipurpose Dremel bits are suitable for grinding, engraving, carving, and polishing needs. Unfortunately, this product isn’t suitable for making precise cuts. Instead, I recommend them when roughing out shapes.

This set is also suitable for beginner woodworkers or those needing various shapes for roughing out projects. Additionally, they work fast and are suitable for creating various cuts and textures that are impossible to achieve using straight burrs.


  • They’re affordable
  • They’re beginner-friendly
  • Shaped burrs achieve various shapes and cuts
  • They’re great for roughing out shapes
  • Includes a double-cut design for aggressive use


  • It doesn’t work well on metallic surfaces
  • All burrs have the same size
  • They aren’t suitable for precise work

3. Best Dremel bit for carving letters in wood – Double Cut Carbide Burr Set-Polishing by ORAPXI

Double Cut Carbide Rotary Burr Set – 1/4’’ Shank 10...
  • 10 Pcs Carbide Rotary Burrs: Including 10 different shapes, can process various surfaces of objects.
  • Wide adaptability: The shank is 1/4'' diameter, which fits most other rotary tools and grinders. Widely used for woodworking drilling carving engraving.
  • Double Cut: Double-cut style has two intersecting directions for fast material removal . Most popular choice for polishing on carbon and stainless Steel

I appreciate ORAPXI for delivering a great product that stands out from the rest. This rotary burr set includes bits with 10 different shapes that work on various surfaces, including wood and metal. 

Additionally, the bits consist of high-quality tungsten steel, making the product reliable. This material offers a Rockwell hardness of up to 85 HRA, which allows you to use the grinding head seamlessly.

Suitable for professional needs, this tool offers wide adaptability thanks to its ¼” shank diameter that fits in grinders and a rotary tool. With this set, you can carry out drilling, carving, and engraving, among other woodworking projects.

Similarly, the tool’s double-cut style includes two intersecting directions, allowing for fast wood removal. Some professionals have also voted this tool the most suitable product for polishing stainless steel and carbon.

You’ll also appreciate the independent packaging of each ORAPXI carbide burr in the box, which makes it easy to store the product. 

Moreover, the exceptional packaging quality preserves the bits’ performance by preventing head damage. In turn, you’ll enjoy a longer service span from the bits.


  • It includes various shapes for different cutting projects
  • It’s suitable for professionals
  • Ergonomic design allows you to work comfortably
  • It’s designed for fast material removal
  • It comes in a premium packaging


  • Doesn’t make precise cuts on hard metals

4. Best Affordable Dremel Bits for Carving Wood – QLOUNI 20pcs Rotary Bit

QLOUNI 20pcs Rotary Bit Burrs Set HSS Tungsten Carbide Wood...
  • 【High Quality】Tungsten Burr set, High Speed Steel, stay sharp longer than the cheap, lower quality burs
  • 【20 Different Bits】Each Burr is shaped to fit different angles or situations, fits Dremel Tool, meet most of your drilling needs
  • 【Diameter of Shank】Shank diameter: 3mm (1/8’’), total length: 4cm (8/5’’), high grade and the cuts of each bit make you feel that they have been designed with precision

Look no further if you’re looking for an affordable steel burr to carry out the finest wood carving Dremel. Unlike other lower-quality products, this kit contains a high-speed steel burr set that remains sharp for a long time.

It also includes a wide-ranging set of burrs to suit different functions. Each burr is designed to fit different applications and angles. Moreover, it easily fits on a Dremel, meeting all your drilling needs.

This product from QLOUNI comes with a 20-piece rotary bit set that is nicely packaged to preserve its performance and longevity. The bits comprise a high-quality construction that appeals to all woodworking needs, regardless of your experience level.

Additionally, this product suits various applications, from carving and engraving to drilling. Besides being multifunctional, you can deploy this tungsten-coated burr set on softwood and glass materials.

Each bit comes with a 1/8-inch diameter, allowing you to use it on a Dremel seamlessly. The bits also measure about 4cm in length, thus offering you total control when using your routing tool. 

While the finishing of the bits isn’t perfect, the product compensates for that with its affordable price tag. La


  • It’s affordable
  • Includes various shape bits
  • It’s portable and easy to use
  • It’s sharp


  • It’s not suitable for fine detailing
  • It doesn’t suit professional projects

5. Best value for your money– Routing Router Grinding Bit Set by unho

The Unho routing grinding set contains durable high-speed steel (HSS) bits. Besides their durability, you can trust this product to deliver smooth and precise cuts.

Besides wood, you can deploy these bits on ABS and plastic surfaces. However, they need to work better on metal. 

Additionally, this set comes with 20 pieces to ensure you achieve everything in your project. The bits are also compatible with most rotary tools, including the Dremel.

Despite their high-quality build, these bits are affordable and deliver the best value for your hard-earned money. Also, unlike other cheap products, these bits offer minimal vibration. As a result, it easily removes a lot of material and won’t break down.

Overall, this set should help you with your everyday woodworking needs. However, you may want to supplement it with a few specialized burrs for certain tasks.


  • It offers the best value for your money
  • It consists of durable material
  • It comes in different shapes and sizes


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Bits sometimes slip, posing a hazard

6. Best wood carving bits for fine carving– 20 PCS HSS Routing Grinding Bit Set

These high-speed steel rotary tool bits will work for you if you’re looking for a simple yet reliable wood carving tool. Besides being lightweight, this set of bits is handy, allowing you to work comfortably on your every day caring projects. 

Also, this set comes in smart packaging, allowing you to store them easily after use or when transporting them. Similarly, the packaging minimizes the bits’ maintenance needs. 

This burr kit is specialized for drilling and engraving wood. Moreover, each bit is specially designed for carving wood of varying densities. You’ll also notice that some burrs in this grinding are quite delicate. These delicate burrs are specifically designed for trimming softwood.

With this 20-piece set, you needn’t worry about its durability even after carving for extended periods. Also, it remains sharp throughout the process, allowing you to make intricate details on your wood piece.


  • Suitable for fine carving
  • It’s affordable
  • It’s durable
  • Sharp bits


  • Only suitable for carving wood

7. Best wood Dremel Bits For Routing – Dremel 692 6-Piece Router Bit Set

Dremel 692 6-Piece Router Bit Set,Silver
1,196 Reviews
Dremel 692 6-Piece Router Bit Set,Silver
  • Rout, edge, inlay, and mortise in wood
  • Constructed of high-speed steel
  • Reusable plastic storage case included

With this 11-pc carving accessory tool, you can transform your ordinary Dremel tool into a versatile machine. Besides being affordable, this Dremel bit set is ideal for engraving, carving, and finishing needs. 

However, this product is designed to remove only a few materials at a go, which is essential when developing a basic shape for your project. Fortunately, there are better options for actual wood carving. 

Nevertheless, the set includes several bit shapes, allowing you to work on areas that require a smooth, precise finish. You can also engrave intricate designs on a wood piece but will experience challenges shaping the project. 

This kit comes in a reusable storage case, allowing you to store and maintain it seamlessly. In addition, it includes various accessories that enable you to engrave and etch on various materials, including wood, steel, stone, glass, and ceramic.

Lastly, I appreciate the brand and excellent customer service. In case of queries, you can reach them via email, chat, or phone.


  • It features a high-quality build
  • It has a precise centering
  • Works on a variety of surfaces besides wood
  • Excellent customer service


  • They aren’t suitable for shaping and sculpting

8. Best wood carving bits for roughing work– Kutzall Extreme Rotary Burrs

Kutzall Extreme Flame Rotary Burr, 1⁄8" Shaft, Very...
  • Rapid Material Removal: Their hybrid performance removes material at an exceptional rate while maintaining surface quality ready for final finishing.
  • Easy to Control: The Rotary Burrs can easily cut with or against the grain with incredibly smooth cutting action. The 1/8" diameter shaft burrs are great for intricate details and small areas. **Must use with 1/8" collet or adjustable chuck**
  • Versatile: Easily shape, contour, relieve, notch flatten, trim, hollow or adjust a wide variety of non-metallic materials including wood, fiberglass, foam, rubber, plastic, drywall, composites and soft-stone.

Kutzall manufactures specialized Dremel bits, including fine, coarse, and extreme (very coarse) burrs. In addition, each type of rotary burr comes in various shapes, such as spherical, taper, and cylindrical. 

This product from Kutzall falls under the extreme category and is designed to rapidly remove larger amounts of material. Besides working at an incomparable rate, the product’s hybrid performance maintains the integrity of the surface. This, in turn, allows for final finishing. 

Additionally, the bits are easily controlled whether you’re working along or against the wood grain. Use the 1/8-inch diameter shank bits for small areas requiring intricate detailing. However, you’ll need to use an adjustable chuck or 1/8-inch collet.

Also, this is a versatile product you can use to shape, relieve, contour, trim, adjust, or hollow various non-metallic surfaces. These surfaces include wood, foam, plastic, rubber, drywall, composites, fiberglass, and soft stone.

This durable product features a tungsten-carbide abrasive and a structured tooth innovation that lasts longer than conventional abrasives. Lastly, the teeth resist loading, and cleaning them is easy.

You could clean it with a wire brush or burn it using a torch. Fortunately, the teeth are heat-resistant and won’t get damaged.


  • Specifically designed for carving and roughing out wood
  • It consists of durable and high-quality material
  • It offers 3 coarseness levels


  • The product is expensive
  • It isn’t suitable for detailing
  • Requires experienced woodworkers

9. Best Dremel bit for cutting wood – Tonsiki 20PCS Wood Carving Bits Set

Tonsiki 20PCS Wood Carving Bits Set, 1/8 Inch(3mm) Shank...
1,395 Reviews
Tonsiki 20PCS Wood Carving Bits Set, 1/8 Inch(3mm) Shank...
  • 【20pcs Different Rotary Bits】A great carving bits set to meet your different needs. Different shapes are suitable for different processing, perfect for woodworking, engraving, beveling, chamfering, grooving, reaming, shaping, hollowing and other engraving operations.
  • 【Universal Compatibility】The length of this wood carving bit set are 1.53inch(39mm) with 1/8 inch(3mm) shank, for use with most small rotating tools such as compatible for Dremel, for Chicago etc. Helping you get things done more easily and quickly, to meet most of your woodwork engraving needs.
  • 【Widely Usage】A valuable supplement to woodworking rotary tools. Very suitable for detailed work, such as building and sanding dollhouse furniture, model trains, or miniature buildings and planes. Able to engrave on a wide range of materials including wood, jade, ABS, acrylic, PVC, plastics, foam etc.

This 20-piece set will meet all your carving needs. It’s a complete kit suitable for professional crafting and DIY woodworking.

With 20 different bits, the product offers various shapes for carving, cutting, grooving, shaping, and hollowing surfaces.

The bits, which measure up to 39 mm in length, feature a 1.8-inch shank, allowing you to use them with small rotary tools, including the Dremel. You could deploy the bits for detailed work like building and sanding furniture, plastics, foam, acrylic, and PVC.

Also, this set consists of high-quality tungsten carbide burrs that offer a long service span. Besides being durable and wear-resistant, the burrs are heat-resistant and offer high efficiency, allowing you to work conveniently.

Moreover, the sharp rotary texture improves efficiency, allowing for fast material removal, thus saving energy. I recommend this tool for professionals, DIYers, and hobbyists looking to repair their homes.


  • They’re heat and wear-resistant
  • It consists of durable tungsten steel
  • Suitable for professionals and DIYers
  • Great value for the price


  • It comes in a poor packaging

10. Best high-speed steel woodworking dremel bits – SPTA 10Pc HSS Router Bits

SPTA 10Pc HSS Router Carbide Engraving Bits & 10Pcs Router...
  • Material: Made of high quality high speed steel for long life and exceptionally precise cuts the first time, saving you energy and stress.
  • Shank diameter: 1/8" (approx 3mm)shank; Controlled depth of cut minimizes kickback
  • Wide range of applications: This Router bits set must be a valuable addition to your rotary tool, which is compatible with most popular rotary tools

These high-speed steel router bits are designed to last long while delivering precise cuts with minimal pressure and energy. In addition, it features a 3mm shank diameter, which offers a controlled cut depth to minimize kickback.

Moreover, this product suits many applications and is compatible with small rotary tools. This set comes with 20 bits that you can use to carve various surfaces, including wood and metal. 

The bits work exceptionally well on copper, aluminum, ABS, PVC, nylon, plastics, acrylic, and resin. Some door hinge router bits that you may find handy include the straight, V groove, trim, cove, and soft clutter types that aim to meet all your carving needs.

Also, the bits include a head with a titanium coating that offers enough abrasion and a peeling-free experience. This toolset offers perfect for DIYers looking for the best Dremel bits for crafting at home. Moreover, it guarantees an efficient and hassle-free experience.


  • Suitable for metallic and non-metallic surfaces
  • Includes a durable safety coating
  • It’s heat resistant
  • It’s a lightweight option


  • It isn’t suitable for beginners

11. Best dremel bits for wood engraving -Titanium Coated Engraving Cutter Carbide Bits

10pcs 0.8-3mm Titanium Coated Engraving Milling Cutter...
  • These carbide end mills are Made of ultra-fine grain carbide material (tungsten steel), with great cutting and milling performance.
  • Carbide rods and tungsten steel rods, with high hardness, high wear resistance, high strength, resistance to bending, anti-impairment and long tool life.
  • Coated with titanium Improves the speed and feed rate of the tool, and also Improve the surface wear resistance.

These titanium-coated engraving bits consist of quality tungsten steel material, which delivers great milling and cutting performance. The high hardness makes the bits wear-resistant and doesn’t bend easily.

Moreover, these wood engraving Dremel bits are durable and offer a long service span. The titanium coating enhances the feed rate and speed of the bits while making them resistant to wear.

This multipurpose product can process many materials, including SMT, PCB, plastic, steel, copper, and mold. However, using the tool on metal requires seasoned expertise. 

Each bit measures up to 37mm and has a shank diameter of 1/8 inch. The set is also compatible with most small rotary tools, such as the Dremel. This is the go-to product if you’re working with soft materials.

Also, being versatile, you can use the bits for drilling, carving, engraving, and etching surfaces. The set has different bit shapes and a 22-pcs sanding drum for various drilling and carving projects.


  • It consists of durable material
  • Works great on soft materials
  • Suitable for removing large amounts of material


  • It doesn’t work well on metallic surfaces

Buyer’s Guide; Picking the Best Dremel Tool Bits for Wood Carving

With myriad products saturating the market, finding the best power wood carving tools is no child’s play. Hopefully, with the buyer’s guide below, you can make informed purchasing decisions based on your requirements.

1. Durability

Ideally, you’ll want your product to serve you long-term. So, consider the durability of your Dremel bits to eliminate the need to replace them frequently. 

Typically, Dremel bits consisting of sturdy materials deliver a longer lifespan. Opt for high-quality titanium-coated burrs which offer exceptional durability.

2. Sharpness

Dremel bits are primarily used for cutting and carving. Milling, engraving, and drilling. As a result, this requires the bits to be sharp throughout to achieve their purpose.

Using dull bits for your Dremel damages the material you’re carving, resulting in an unappealing finish. In addition, with a sharp Dremel bit, you’ll be able to carve specific patterns quickly.

Moreover, the tool’s sharpness delivers a glossy finish. So, use sharp bits if you wish to achieve desirable results while saving time and energy.

3. Centering

This is another vital aspect to consider when selecting carving bits for Dremel. If your bits are slightly off-center, it’s likely to vibrate while spinning. 

The vibration may worsen to intolerable levels as you increase the speed. In turn, not only does it make you uncomfortable, but it’ll also ruin your precision. 

Moreover, you will find it difficult to control the tool, resulting in unwanted cuts. You’ll want to obtain the best quality products to counter this issue. 

4. Cut Diameter

Wood carving bits have varying cutting diameters. Unfortunately, using a bit with an excessive cutting diameter may ruin your entire project.

Moreover, since engraving involves delicate work, using bits with larger diameters will prove impractical. So, you’ll want to settle for Dremel bits whose cutting diameter ranges from 1/8″ to ¼”.

This range is suitable for engraving ad carving wood. To ensure you have the right diameter for your Dremel bits, confirm the product features of your tools.

5. Material

The performance of Dremel bits depends on the material. As a result, you’ll want to ensure that it consists of durable material.

Moreover, depending on the composition, Dremel bits suit various tasks, including engraving, trimming, carving, and drilling.

For instance, tungsten steel is reliable and works with small rotary tools. As a result, pick a Dremel bit of tungsten steel if you’re crafting hardwood and softwood.

On the other hand, titanium-coated bits work well on advanced materials. So, go for titanium-coated Dremel bits if you want a more durable option.

6. Functionality

Carving wood combines several activities, including cutting, engraving, and drilling. It’s nearly impossible to achieve all-important wood carving functions with one bit.

Fortunately, you could settle for sets that contain multifunctional bits with different heads.

Interesting read: How to Carve a Face in Wood.

7. Burrs or bits

While I often use the terms burrs and bits interchangeably, they aren’t always similar. Typically, all burrs are bits, but not all bits qualify as burrs.

Burrs are bits with abrasive ends used to engrave, polish, or rough out surfaces. On the other hand, a bit can be a routing tool, a drilling bit, or a CNC; I hope you get the difference down pat

8. Shape and size

Before settling for any wood carving bits, you’ll want to consider the size and shape of your Dremel rotary tool. This means you have to take into account the bits’ measurements and weight.

The wrong bit size won’t fit into the Dremel, impacting your performance. Similarly, a heavy tool delivers more pressure than a lightweight one, which damages the material you’re working on.

Likewise, since you may have trouble holding a heavier tool, you’ll want to use lightweight bits.

Also, bits come in different shapes, including flame, pencil, and square, with each shape suiting differently. With the right shape, you can achieve precise cuts. For instance, the flame shape suits delicate work, while diamond-shaped bits are designed for drilling.

9. Regular or double cut

Double-cut bits are designed to work faster, while their regular counterparts tend to work slower and more smoothly. Preferably, you’ll need both bit types and use them as necessary. 

While they are excellent for wood carving, you’ll want to understand each of them fully to leverage their advantages.

10. Budget

You and I want the best deal on any purchase we make. As such, you’ll want to acquire rotary bits within your working budget. However, opt for premium products with all the useful features to get maximum value.

While selecting your carving bits, don’t overlook the importance of having an apron to assist you. Here are some of the best carpenter aprons available.

Types of Wood Carving Bits for Dremel

Here are some common types of bits you’ll come across.

Cutting bits

While cutting bits generally assumes a disc shape, this may vary depending on the size of space between the teeth. Typically, if your bits have larger intervals, they’re best suited for cutting. 

Routing and drilling bits

Routing bits come in a wide variety, allowing you to perform most wood carving functions. Additionally, since these bits vary in strength, you’ll want to ensure that you settle for products compatible with your Dremel rotary tools.

Sanding bits

You needn’t be an experienced woodworker to understand that a Dremel bit is suitable for sanding your project. There are two types of bits: disc bits and sanding drums. 

Generally, drum bits are smaller and have a cylindrical shape. Additionally, they include an abrasive band on one end.

On the other hand, disc bits have a round, flat shape and feature an abrasive surface that facilitates smooth sanding. Luckily, sanding bits aren’t limited to wood; I’ve used them to sand materials such as glass.

Etching and engraving bits

Dremel bits for etching and engraving are smaller, allowing you to make intricate designs on wood. However, there are larger bits designed for roughing work. So, ensure that you pick the correct bit size if you want to etch or engrave on wood.

Tips For Using Dremel Attachments for Wood Carving

Dremel bits come in various types and shapes, creating the need to understand the function of each specific bit. Here are some tips to ensure you get the most out of your wood carving bits for Dremel.

Use the correct bit

When carving wood using a Dremel, you’ll want to alternate between different bits to ensure you achieve the desired results. 

For instance, if you’re cutting or carving a large wood piece, you will need a sabretooth bit. These bits come with sharp teeth, enabling them to tear through wood seamlessly.

However, if you want to design your outline, you’ll need a fluted carbide-tungsten bit. The bits have smaller vertical shafts with a  sharp edge to allow you to make your outline.

Alternatively, if you wish to round the edges of your project, use diamond bits. They include a rough surface, like sandpaper, to suit this purpose. When using a sanding bit, wipe off the sanding dust, so it doesn’t get in your way when cycling between bits.

Similarly, bits designed for engraving or etching won’t work well in projects requiring drilling. Typically, the smaller etching bits are suitable for detailed work, while larger ones suit drilling projects.

For further options on how to round the edges of wood and additional wood carving techniques, consider reading our comprehensive article.

Insert the bit correctly into your Dremel

Before commencing your wood carving project, you must fine-tune the bits correctly in your rotary tool. These preparations are mandatory for professionals and beginners alike. 

If you insert the burrs incorrectly, they may shift while you’re working. This may result in accidents, particularly when the burrs fall out.

Work slowly

Dremel tools come with a smaller motor, making it impossible to complete your project quickly. So, be patient and work slowly to obtain the best results in your carving project. 

Avoid placing excessive pressure on the surface when utilizing Dremel bits. Otherwise, you’ll destroy the soft Dremel bits. Instead, carving should occur at modest pressure if you use a high-quality bit with a sharp enough head. Usually, you’ll want to work with short strokes. 

Be cautious

From safety glasses to clothing, you’ll want to ensure you are well-protected when carving using a Dremel bit. 

You should also be wary of sparks, flying debris, and sanding dust. Inhaling fine sanding dust is hazardous and may result in respiratory complications. You’ll also need a pair of hand gloves since the Dremel could get hot or vibrate more.

When using a Dremel for wood carving, it’s important to avoid bits not specifically designed for woodwork.

Here are a few types of bits to avoid:

  1. Grinding Stones: These bits are primarily intended for grinding and sharpening metals. While they can be used on wood, they may not provide the desired detail and precision compared to bits designed explicitly for wood carving.
  2. Metal Cutting Wheels: Designed for cutting and shaping metal, these wheels may not be ideal for wood carving. They could lead to rough, uneven cuts, and may not offer the same level of control as other wood-specific bits.


What Dremel bit cuts wood?

The best Dremel bit for cutting wood is the High-Speed Cutter Bit, made from high-grade steel. These bits come in various shapes for precision carving, shaping, and cutting wood. Additionally, Dremel Structured Tooth Tungsten Carbide Cutters offer aggressive cutting action and fast material removal, making them another suitable option for working with wood.

What’s the best rotary tool for carving wood?

All Dremel Multi-tools are suitable for woodcarving. When working with bigger Dremel tools, I recommend using the Flexible shaft to help you maneuver easily. Additional Dremel accessories in wood carving include the high-speed cutter that measures 7.8 mm.

How to use a Dremel for wood carving?

When using a Dremel tool bit, press the cutting end slightly into the surface and work along the wood grain. You shouldn’t carve the same place for more than 5 to 10 seconds. Also, since Dremel tools include a small motor, you can’t use them to carve wood for extended periods. Otherwise, you risk ruining it.

How to use a Dremel for wood carving?

When using a Dremel tool bit, press the cutting end slightly into the surface and work along the wood grain. You shouldn’t carve the same place for more than 5 to 10 seconds. Also, since Dremel tools include a small motor, you can’t use them to carve wood for extended periods. Otherwise, you risk ruining it.

Do Diamond Dremel bits work on wood?

Yes, use diamond Dremel bits to sand through your designs. However, you shouldn’t use diamond bits on metals and softwood. 
The softness will result in the diamonds on the drill clogging up and stopping working. Similarly, don’t use it on toughened or tempered glass since it will crack under pressure.

What are the best Dremel bits for rock carving?

The best Dremel bits for rock carving are diamond-coated burrs and bits, as they are specifically designed to handle hard materials like rocks, gemstones, and glass.


Finding the best wood carving bits for Dremel in power tool carving can be difficult, especially for beginners. Fortunately, you needn’t fret since this article lists some of the best Dremel bits in the market.

The bits come in various shapes and types, making it difficult to figure out the most suitable one for your project. Since burrs are crucial in power carving, you’ll want to obtain the finest selection before commencing your project.

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