You’ll be glad to know that there are hundreds of things you can build with wood and sell at reasonable profits to make extra cash to weather the tough economic times.

The best part is that many of the projects rarely require professional-level technical expertise. Instead, all you need is a willingness to learn on the way to start building things with wood.

Marketing the items is also not as difficult as most people fear. Your local community and social followers will scramble for them as long as you make quality items. 

Read on to learn some of the most profitable woodworking projects you can start today, how much money you can expect to make, and some of the challenges you need to prepare for as you set off on your newfound project.

In hurry, don’t worry, here is a list of all the woodworking ideas to make money.

Most Profitable Woodworking Projects to Build and Sell?

  1. Wooden picture frames
  2. Coffee tables 
  3. Wooden toys
  4. Wooden storage beds
  5. Wine racks – easy furniture to build and sell
  6. Cutting board – top-selling wood item
  7. Knife block
  8. Bedside box
  9. Raised garden beds – easy money making wood projects
  10. Wooden egg holders
  11. Bathtub caddy
  12. Jewelry organizer
  13. Wall signs
  14. Wooden candle holders 
  15. Wooden shelves
  16. Coat rack
  17. Headboard and bed frames
  18. Wooden game boards
  19. Wooden soap dishes 
  20. Wooden utensils – wood carving projects that sell
  21. Console tables – best-selling woodworking projects
  22. Wood coasters – popular woodworking projects to sell
  23. Wooden Business Card Holders – best selling wood crafts

Can You Make Money Off Woodworking?

Yes, woodworking is very profitable if you’re skilled, know your worth, and have a viable plan on what to make and where to sell it. 

Of course, you can also get into woodworking as a hobby. However, you can gradually turn it into a hobby if you’re serious and earn a decent side income from the trade to supplement your day job. Or you can turn it into your day job. 

The best part is that you’re not limited to making wooden items. You can also make money from your woodworking skills by;

  • Teaching others woodworking 
  • Starting a woodworking blog 
  • Flipping furniture 

How Much Money Can you Make Selling Woodworking Projects?

According to data released in May 2020, the median annual wage for the average woodworker is $33,750. However, dedicated woodworkers make way more.

For instance, the top 10% of woodworkers make $51,520, on average, while those who specialize in fine woodworking make $100,000+ per year. In general, most people doing woodworking full-time make $45,000+.

If you’re wondering about the bottom end of the scale, the last 10% of woodworkers make $23,210 annually. These are usually hobbyists who work 9-5 jobs and only focus on woodworking in the evenings and n weekends.

Woodworking Advantages (and Challenges)

Apart from making simple profitable woodworking projects, becoming a woodworker (part-time or full-time) has many advantages and disadvantages. 


  • High job satisfaction
  • Great job security 
  • Exercise your creativity 
  • It’s good for physical exercise 
  • You don’t need to work full-time


  • Risk of accidental injuries. 
  • The job requires raw muscle strength. 
  • You need special training to become a better woodworker. 
  • Inconsistent/seasonal work opportunities.

What you Need to Build Woodworking Projects that Make Money

The items you need to build woodworking projects to make money vary depending on the type of project. However, you need the following at the most basic;

  • Wood: You need plenty of wood for your project. So, you should find a good source if you intend to make it a long-term engagement. The best places to get wood for your woodworking project are sawmills, hardware stores, and fine woodworking stores. 
  • Saws: You need at least two types of saws as you get started (you can acquire others later). The first is a circular saw to cut large wood pieces into the exact divisions you need. Secondly, you also need a jigsaw for precision cutting.
  • Power drill: Although you can always use a hand drill, power drills save time and increase precision. A good power drill costs just under $1,000, though you can find modest models for around $300 to $500. 
  • Clamps: You certainly need a carpenter’s clamp as it often proves invaluable when you need to attach two or more pieces of wood when gluing or screwing. 
  • Sandpaper: You’ll need lots of sandpaper to smoothen the wood surfaces, though you can also save up and purchase a sanding machine. Beware that sandpapers come in different textures/ratings.
  • Paint/stain: Finally, you should also budget for paints and stains for finishing. You’ll need multiple tins of each. However, we recommend waiting until you know the type of project before purchasing your paints and stains. 

43 Best Woodworking Money Makers

You’re ready to start making and selling wooden items for profit once you have the above tools and materials. The following are 43 of the best-selling wood projects for beginners to consider.

1. Wooden picture frames

One of the most profitable woodworking projects to build and sell is picture frames. First off, you can make picture frames from any type of wood.

It doesnt matter whether you only have softwood pieces such as maple and pine or hardwoods such as oak and mahogany. You can use them to make elegant picture frames.

Secondly, picture frames don’t require much wood. Unlike furniture and cabinets that require several wide planks of wood, you only need a single long strip or four short pieces of wood to make a complete picture frame.

Above all, picture frames are very easy to make. You don’t need much carving work or even much sawing. In fact, you’re often done within an hour at most. They’re among the simplest wood items you can make.

2. Wooden toys

If you’re looking for a fast-moving niche, wooden toys are among the wood crafts that sell fastest. In fact, some experts consider them the best-selling wood projects for beginners.

Why? Because toys break down pretty quickly, and parents must replace them to keep the kids engaged. Moreover, kids usually want new toys even when the existing ones are in excellent shape.

It means that parents must keep buying new toys. Therefore, you’re guaranteed a steady market if you can carve your niche in this area.

An even better idea is to combine forces with an electrical enthusiast to make electric-powered toys such as motor-powered helicopters and cars.

They’re favorites among kids. Alternatively, spare some time to learn a thing or two about installing motors into your wooden toys.

So, if you’re looking for some great woodworking projects for kids, you’ve found a winner.

3. Coffee tables

Unfortunately, picture frames and wooden toys rarely generate enough profit per piece to keep a woodworking business going. So, you often need to supplement the trade with bigger projects that earn more money per piece.

That’s where coffee tables and other larger items come in handy. Coffee tables, in particular, are some of the best-selling wood projects.

As you may have correctly noticed, every home has one, and most families have two or more. People are also happy to replace older coffee tables whenever they can afford a new, better one.

As a result, coffee tables are among the best wood craft ideas to sell. The only challenge here is that you may need to take a few extra lessons to make the best wooden coffee tables.

4. Wooden storage beds

There’s never enough storage space in the home, no matter how many cabinets and dressers the family has. As a result, many people will happily purchase a new storage item if they can afford it.

So, why not cash in on this opportunity by making and selling wooden storage beds? A storage bed is an easy woodworking project to sell because you have an existing market.

More importantly, you don’t need special woodworking skills to make a storage bed. If you can make a standard bed, you can make a storage bed.

This is a simple wood project that sells. But more importantly, you can make it a long-term job or even a side hustle. The most important thing is to find a reliable lumber supplier and build trust among your customer base.

5. Wine rack – easy furniture to build and sell

Wine racks designed to hold wine bottles are another of the many wood projects that make money with ease. Ask yourself how much lumber you need to make a wine rack. It’s not much.

A few weed plans are enough to build a standard wine rack. Yet, wine racks for use at home fetch as much as $100+ in the open market, and luxury racks can earn you a few thousand.

It’s wise to begin by making simple racks that don’t cost much money or too much time to build. For instance, consider leaving out intricate curves when starting. Instead, focus on 90-degrees-cornered racks.

You’ll quickly find out that they are easy furniture to build and sell. Later on, you can acquire advanced skills and start building more intricate racks with all the bells and whistles.

6. Cutting board – top-selling wood item

Cutting boards or butcher blocks are a mainstay in the kitchen. It is extremely difficult to chop meat, vegetables, and fruits without a reliable butcher block.

Moreover, butcher blocks also add style and color to the kitchen and can be a way to enhance the kitchen decor. So, you should also consider making cutting boards from wood to sell.

You can advertise your chopping boards in your local chat group and your social media handles with a good response. Of course, you can also give out a few to your neighbors to try out as you seek to get the word out.

It’s one of the best ideas if you’re looking for cool wood projects to sell. If possible, consider sourcing rarer woods for your chopping boards. Beautiful butcher blocks sell fast.

7. Knife block

The cutting board often goes hand in hand with a knife block. A handy knife block safely stores your knives until the next use. They are also organizational tools.

They hold all your knives in one place rather than throwing them throughout the kitchen. Luckily, knife blocks are also one of the wood crafts that sell well.

You just need to get the word out on your social handles and by word of mouth within your local community. Again, the beautiful woods will help you sell faster.

So, see if you can find colorful woods with striking grain patterns, such as rosewoods, or highly-valued hardwoods, such as mahogany. Your items will sell quickly.

8. Bedside box

Almost everyone has a bedside box. It offers a clever way to store away items that would otherwise clutter the room, including pairs of socks, chargers, etc.

However, you may have also noticed that everyone is open to getting an extra box if the budget allows. Consumers are even more likely to invest in an extra bedside box if they believe it can enhance the bedroom decor and provide vital storage.

So, this is also one of the things to make out of wood to sell. But remember to be a little different. Most consumers would rather make a DIY bedside box than pay $100 for a not-so-different unit at the woodworking store.

Unique wood, a few carvings, and high-quality finishing can make the difference. 

9. Raised garden beds – easy money making wood projects

If you’re a gardener, one of the wooden things to build raised garden beds. Many homeowners use raised gardens when they don’t have enough space on the ground to farm.

Raised gardens can also be wise in areas with poor terrain or regions prone to flooding. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to make a raised harden, and even those who do rarely have the time to make proper gardening beds.

Therefore, raised garden beds are easy woodworking projects that sell in many areas. However, we’d advise you to make most of the garden beds on order.

Make a couple for display/marketing and the rest by order. Additionally, consider making the gardening beds alongside other wood crafts. Diversification helps keep the business running.

10. Wooden egg holders

Egg holders are important in protecting eggs from objects that may potentially break them. They also help you keep your eggs in one place in an organized manner.

Above all, egg holders prevent eggs from absorbing strong odors and flavors from other foods in the fridge. So, many people already have cartons and plastic egg holders in their homes. 

However, the world is slowly moving away from plastics, and we all know that carton egg holders are not very durable. This opens doors for carpenters looking to cash in on woodwork that sells.

A wooden egg holder is durable, reliable, and bio-degradable, thus better than existing alternatives. It’s also more cost-effective in the long run.

So, if you can make beautiful egg holders and price them fairly, many people will be tempted to try them out.

11. Bathtub caddy

Bathtub caddies rest across the bathtub, giving the user space for everything they could need or want on hand. For instance, the user can have scented candles on it to help with meditation or a book to read as they relax.

In addition, many people love it because it increases convenience. For instance, you don’t have to stretch your hand to grab your book if you have a caddy.

Unfortunately, many existing caddies are made from plastic. Though reliable, plastic caddies are not environment-friendly. They are also not bio-degradable.

Therefore, many people are replacing their plastic caddies with renewable options, especially wooden units. To this end, the bathtub caddy is another simple profitable woodworking project to add to your to-do list if you have proper marketing plans.

12. Jewelry organizer

Anyone who owns jewelry understands how important it is to keep everything organized. Otherwise, you’re staring at a few frustrating occasions when tangled necklaces and missing earrings can completely ruin a good day.

A jewelry organizer saves time, protects the owner’s jewelry, and prolongs the wearability of the jewelry. The bad news (for woodworkers) is that so many jewelry organizers are on the market, from glass to metal and plastic.

Therefore, cutting through the noise and carving a niche in this area isn’t a straightforward process. However, if you’re willing to work hard, wooden jewelry organizers are another woodworking project that sells very well.

The trick is to win hearts with your artistry and product quality. Beautiful jewelry organizers from beautiful, rare woods are hot cake.

13. Wall signs

Of the most sellable wood projects, wall signs are at the top of the list. They are very easy to make and customize. You can take a piece of wood, such as a 1×8, hand-paint quotes on the board, and sell it to local customers.

Alternatively, you can affix decorative items to the wood and sell them to residences and offices. Don’t forget to include hardware to the back of the sign for easy hanging on the wall.

Another strategy is to take orders from local offices and shops in your neighborhood and make customized signboards for branding and marketing.

You may have also seen businesses use wooden signs to provide directions within offices. That’s another business opportunity to consider.

The best part is that it only takes several minutes to make a wooden wall sign. So, you can make and sell several projects in a week.

14. Wooden candle holders

Wooden candle holders are very trendy. They are an excellent alternative to environment-unfriendly alternatives and are durable and safe. Above all, you can make beautiful wooden candle holders that complement indoor decors.

And they aren’t too difficult to make either if you have a hole saw bit. Take a log or a piece of wood and drill holes into it, large enough to hold standard pillar candles or tea lights.

Pillar candles and tea lights are inexpensive. Moreover, you can get massive discounts if you buy them in bulk. Once you’re done, decorate the log holder by staining or oiling it appropriately.

Painting isn’t usually a good idea as you want the wood grain to be visible. After that, you’re good to go.

15. Pet houses for pet owners

Pet owners are always on the hunt for sturdy, comfortable housing for their pets. For instance, cat owners need a warm and cozy box where the cat can hide and sleep. Dog owners also need strong kennels where their pets can spend the day.

The good news is that pet houses are not very difficult to make. For instance, a wooden box with a glued-down carpet is more than sufficient for a basic cat house.

And it doesnt even have to be a big box. Meanwhile, you only need several 2x4s and 1x6s to make a comfortable dog kennel. On average, cat houses should fetch you $50, while dog kennels often fetch twice as much or more.

Don’t forget to make and sell feeders alongside your pet houses. You can sell the items together or separately.

16. Wooden bench

Every homeowner knows that there’s never a bad time to bring in an extra garden bench where they can rest as they take a break when working on their gardens.

Another alternative is potting benches. They allow gardeners to do their work without needlessly bending or stooping down. So, it’s another area you should consider.

Building and selling garden benches and potting benches will earn you residual income without taking much of your time. Both are also easy to build.

Rustic benches attract more customers as most people prefer a farmhouse setting in their gardens. But, more importantly, you want to be known for building quality benches that last a long time.

So, avoid weak softwoods such as fir and instead build your benches from hardwoods that can withstand outdoor elements.

17. Wooden shelves

We’ve already mentioned a few wooden storage projects you can build and sell. Wooden shelves are another option. You can build various wood shelves, from floating shelves to bookshelves, and sell them for neat profits. 

However, if you want to truly separate yourself from other woodworkers, you should focus on making durable shelves from solid wood. Laminate wood is a convenient solution for those looking for a quick fix.

However, they don’t last very long. A solid wood shelf is much more durable and lasts much longer. The good news is that most shelves are basic box frames that don’t take much time to build.

Only the height and widths differ. Always build your shelves with mobility in mind, though. You don’t want to struggle too much to relocate them to the customer’s location. 

18. Coat rack

People need a place to hand their coats at home, the office, and wherever they go. So, they’re always buying coat racks as they’re convenient and cost-effective. A simple coat rack only costs under $50.

Of course, coat racks are also practical and space-saving. They can hold purses, shirts, and other items besides coats. Fortunately, it doesnt take much time to build a coat rack.

In fact, you can make more than one in a day with good dedication. Coat racks also don’t consume a lot of timber, and you don’t need special woodworking skills to make a wooden coat rack.

We recommend staining rather than painting your coat racks so that the grain pattern is fully visible. Also, consider strong, durable woods for quality, long-lasting racks. 

19. Kitchen table

The farmhouse style is a popular indoor decor style in the US and elsewhere. Most people like it because it allows you to bring almost anything into the home without making too many changes. Moreover, the farmhouse and rustic styles are low-maintenance.

You don’t need to change your chairs because the old style has gone out of fashion. If you’re a fan, a farmhouse-style kitchen table can be an excellent DIY woodworking project to build and sell.

It’s very easy to build, and you’ll have double the motivation knowing that your customers depend on the tables to enjoy family meals and make memories.

Most importantly, a single kitchen table can bring you a few hundred dollars. The only downside is that tables take more time to build and occupy more space than smaller woodworking projects.

20. Headboard and bed frames

The need for a place to sleep is universal. So, you can never go wrong making bed frames to sell. The best part is that bed frames are almost standard.

Typical sizes range from three feet wide to six feet wide, and the standard length is six feet. You don’t need to be too crafty when starting. Simply make rectangular beds in the standard sizes and display them for everyone to see.

However, you can add unique styles along the way. For instance, king-size beds are very popular and can earn you handsome returns.

Alongside bed frames, you should also consider building and selling headboards. Rustic headboards are particularly in demand though you also have a ready market if you specialize in modern styles.

21. Wooden game boards

Board games, such as Betrayal at House on the Hill, Pandemic, monopoly, Cluedo, and Scrabble, are popular. Families use the games to wind down the clock and strengthen bonds.

Treasured classics, such as chess, are also a form of entertainment and education. Rarely will a family miss one of these games. To this end, you can make it your responsibility to build board games for your local community.

Of course, it takes significant effort to build detailed games like Cards Against Humanity. However, the crafts pay handsomely. Some of the game packages can fetch you over $200.

Don’t forget to make board games that are easy to store. For example, a hook or small hole at a corner of the board makes it easy to hang the game on the wall after playing.

22. Wooden planter boxes

Box planters are also in high demand, especially in spring and summer. You can build basic wooden boxes which homeowners can decorate and place or hang outside their homes on the porch or deck.

Alternatively, you can even build wooden planter stands to hang in the entryway. However, once you’re experienced enough, you can build wall planters for home gardening in homes where space is tight.

Wall planters don’t take any space on the ground and can be easily relocated. We recommend building these with pressure-treated wood for longevity. Also, ensure to finish them properly so they can withstand weather elements.

If you’re wondering about the right size for a wooden planter box, anything below one cubic foot will get plenty of customers. But, mostly, you’ll need smaller boxes.

Always pick the best wood to use for planter boxes for great results.

23. Picnic table

As more people spend time outdoors, picnic tables are becoming more and more fashionable. It allows parents to spend more time with kids and gives kids somewhere to play with their friends.

Homeowners can also use picnic tables for impromptu outdoor dining. For this reason, making picnic tables to sell is another profitable project to consider. Or you can make it a woodworking hobby.

The beauty is that you only need several wood planks and basic woodworking skills to make a picnic table. Remember that some people use picnic tables indoors.

So, it’s important to understand your client’s needs before you embark on the project. Whether they intend to use it indoors or outdoors is especially important when choosing wood for the project. Nevertheless, it can be a great project for a side hustle.

24. Wooden soap dishes

Another DIY woodworking project that will easily earn you money is making and selling wooden soap dishes. You may have realized that most soap dishes are made from plastic.

However, more people are shifting from plastic and are more receptive to environment-friendly alternatives. Therefore, wooden soapdishes will get a few eyeballs in your community. 

An excellent way to market your wooden soap holders is to partner with a local soapmaker. You can supply the soapmaker with the dishes and have them sell the soaps with the holders.

Alternatively, purchase the soap wholesale and pack them in your wooden soap holders for sale. You can even build large soap holders that can accommodate scented candles and essential oils.

25. Birdhouses and feeders

You can also build and sell birdhouses to make money. The average birdhouse fetches $30, and you can make several in a week. So, you can make several hundred dollars in a week if you take the job seriously.

You can even make a few units that sell for $200 or more. The most important thing is to know the types of birdhouses to make and how to price them.

Houses for bluebirds, wrens, chickadees, and tree swallows are the most popular. Houses for these types of birds typically cost $15 to $45. Wren birdhouses are often the most affordable because they are the smallest.

Besides birdhouses, you should also consider building birdfeeders to sell. Unfortunately, feeders are a little more complicated to market and price. So, you may want to research the local market before you embark on the project.

26. Coffee cup racks

Finding a way to store and organize coffee mugs is rarely a simple task. You’ll regularly find coffee mugs littering the entire kitchen and even living areas. Users don’t know where to put them after they’re done.

As a result, many consumers turn to coffee mug holders to keep things organized. A coffee mug rack cuts down on clutter while organizing the coffee collection. It can be freestanding or have a base to sit on the counter.

Alternatively, you can build mug racks that hang on the wall or inside the cabinet. It depends on what your customers want. Always make a few units of each type and see which product moves fastest.

27. Wooden utensils – wood carving projects that sell

Wooden utensils are another trending woodworking projects that you can build and sell for good profits. For instance, you can make spoons and scoops and display them in your store while advertising the same on social media.

You can also carve cooking sticks to sell to homeowners in your neighborhood. The main benefit here is that there are many types of wooden utensils you can make and sell.

Better still, many consumers are shifting from metallic utensils and other materials to wooden items to preserve the environment. So, you can look forward to a very strong market.

However, remember that carving requires special woodworking skills. Unlike traditional carpentry, you must take a few extra courses to become a good woodcarver.

28. Console tables – best-selling woodworking projects

The next popular woodworking project to build and sell is console tables. Console tables are versatile furniture pieces that you can use in narrow spaces.

For instance, you can put one in the entryway so your guests have somewhere to put their bags and other items as they make their way into the house.

Some people also put a console table in the kitchen to provide an extra working surface or a beverage station. Depending on your customers ‘ needs, you can design your console tables with or without wardrobes.

You can also design them with shelves for extra storage. Consider staining the top and shelves with a natural wood stain color and then painting the frame in a different color to give it a dramatic appearance.

29. Lampstands

A wooden lampstand is standard in many homes. It provides a safe place to locate the bedside lamp or even living room lamps. Of course, lampstands are also decorative items that accentuate indoor decor.

So, wooden lamp stands don’t require much marketing to get shoppers’ attention.  Here too, you can make various products depending on your customers’ tastes.

But, generally, you start by making the wood base and then doing the wiring to connect the light bulb to the home’s power outlet. Feel free to engage an electrician if you’re not too confident in your electrical skills. 

Mason jars and fairy-style lamps are the most fashionable right now. So, maybe you can start with lamp stands for the two lighting styles. 

30. TV stands

TV stands are another best-selling woodcraft. It can be as simple as a rectangular frame with legs and a flat top where the TV stands. Or you can build something more elaborate with storage and shelves.

You can even include doors to cover the storage areas. In fact, you can even build rustic TV stands with wooden pallets. The most important tip here is to customize your TV stand to the tastes of each customer.

For this reason, it’s best to take orders rather than make standard TV stands. Most importantly, be as practical as possible.

For example, you don’t want to build TV stands too small to hold the intended TV. Similarly, oversize TV stands often look bulky and unsightly holding a tiny TV. 

31. Wood coasters – popular woodworking projects to sell

Finally, if you’re looking to start small, you can also begin by building and selling wooden coasters. Wood coasters are simple to make and help users hold drinks and protect other surfaces.

They are also organizational tools that help keep the home tidy and free of clutter. The type of coasters to make is completely up to you.

You can build simple coasters with square edges or intricate models with delicate carves. Of course, you need special skills to make more intricate units. Additionally, you often need specialized tools. 

Don’t forget to make caddies to hold the coasters and keep them organized when not in use. You’ll frequently sell the two items together. 

32. Wooden Tealight Holders

Making these tealight holders is such an easy task. You can make a set of them in an afternoon, using just a few basic woodworking tools. These make great wooden gifts for moms, friends, and family, and they’re also perfect for selling at craft fairs and markets.

You’ll only need tealight candles, a drill, wood glue, clamps, sandpaper, and some paint or a sealant of your choice to finish them.

33. Wooden Recipe Box

This is another quick and easy woodworking project that you can make on a weekend. A recipe box is a great gift for anyone who loves to cook, and it’s also a perfect way to organize your own recipes.

After selling them, you’ll end up with a good profit and some extra storage in your kitchen.

34. Wooden Business Card Holders – best selling wood crafts

If you’ve ever been to a trade show or business conference, then you know that everyone loves freebies. What better way to promote your woodworking business than with a wooden business card holder?

You can find these holders for as low as $1 each and sell them for $5 each, so you’ll definitely make a profit. Making them is also a quick and easy process.

35. Wooden iPhone Docks and Stands – trendy things to build to make money

With the release of the new iPhone, there’s been a surge in demand for wooden iPhone docks and stands. These are perfect for selling at trade shows, conventions, and corporate clients.

There are a few different designs that you can choose from, and you can also add your own personal touch to each one.

36. Wooden Bookends

Bookends are always a popular item, and they make great gifts for book lovers. You can find wooden bookends at most home stores, but they’re usually quite expensive.

Making your own bookends is a great way to save money and show off your woodworking skills. Plus, you can personalize them to match the recipient’s taste, and make a big profit out of the sales.

37. Wooden Spice Rack

You can never go wrong with making spice racks. They’re always in demand, and they make great gifts for anyone who loves to cook. You can find numerous designs online, or you can come up with your own original design.

This quick and easy project doesn’t require many carpentry tools or materials. Just be sure to sand and finish the wood before selling it.

38. Wooden Keychain Holder

A keychain holder is a small and practical item that you can make out of wood. It’s perfect for selling at trade shows, corporate events, and conventions. You can also give them away as promotional items for your business.

This project requires very little time and effort, and you can easily make a few keychain holders in an afternoon.

39. Wooden House Number Signs

This one of the best woodworking items to sell. Making wooden house number signs is a great way to personalize them for each client. You can find the address numbers at any home store, and then you just need to add your own unique touch.

This project is quick and easy, and you can make a profit of $10 or more per sign.

40. Wooden Serving Tray

A serving tray is a great addition to any kitchen, and it’s perfect for entertaining guests. You can find wooden serving trays at most home stores, but they’re usually quite expensive.

Making your own serving tray is a great way to save money and show off your woodworking skills. Plus, you can personalize them to match the recipient’s taste.

41. Wooden Ride-on Car

This is a great project for kids, and it’s perfect for selling at craft fairs and markets. You can find the wooden cars online or at most home stores. All you need to do is add your own paint job and wheels.

This project can fetch you a profit of $30 or more, so it’s definitely worth your time and effort.

42. Sofa Arm Table

Another best selling wood furniture is Sofa arm table. A sofa arm table is a great addition to any living room, and it’s perfect for holding drinks, snacks, and remote controls. Making a sofa arm table is a quick and easy project that doesn’t require many tools or materials.

You can find the wood for this project at most home stores, and you can easily make a profit of $10 or more per table.

43. Wooden Blanket Ladder – household things to make with wood

A blanket ladder is a great way to organize and store blankets, and it also makes a great decoration for any home. You can find the wood for this project at most home stores, and you can easily make a profit of $10 or more per ladder.

This is a quick and easy project that you can complete in an afternoon, and it’s perfect for selling at craft fairs and markets.

Easy Wood Projects That Sell: Where to Find the Market

Many budding woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts are initially worried about finding a ready market for their wooden items. Well, you don’t have to be. There are dozens of places where you can sell your crafts with relative ease. These include;

Sell to the local community

The first and best way to sell woodworking items is by inviting your local community to visit your store to shop your items. Word of mouth works excellently as you begin.

Later on, you can print flyers and posters for distribution to the local community and even attend local trade fairs to advertise your wares. 

Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook Marketplace is open to everyone (not necessarily businesses) who wants to sell something – and it’s completely free.

To advertise your items, take a picture of the item, publish it on the marketplace, and add a short description to help customers understand the item and your business better. 

Social media platforms

Other than the Facebook Marketplace, you can also advertise your items on various social media platforms for free.

For instance, if you want to sell on Instagram, you just need to snap a picture of the item, publish it, add a short description and ask people to buy.

A great way to get started is by using Instagram stories. This will allow you to show off your work in a fun and creative manner, and also help you connect with potential buyers.

To make the most of your Instagram stories, be sure to use an Instagram story maker. This will allow you to add text, graphics, and other effects to your videos and photos. You can also use this app to create short video clips of your work in progress. This will help potential buyers see just how much work goes into creating each project.

You can do the same on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc. 

Sell at an online store

E-commerce platforms such as Etsy and Shopify are excellent places to sell woodworking items as you expand your business.

You can set up a personal store within the platforms at a small monthly fee and target the tens of millions of shoppers who flock to the platforms every day. Amazon and eBay are other platforms to consider. 

Build a dedicated website

Finally, you can build a website with a dedicated e-store to advertise and sell your wares. The best part is that platforms such as WordPress now make it very easy to build and set up an e-commerce website. 

Woodworking Business Tips

The following are several business tips to help you save costs and maximize profits when you have some woodworking ideas to sell.

  • Cut costs by buying in bulk.
  • Build used tools and equipment.
  • Take short courses to sharpen your woodworking skills.
  • Use affordable woods such as pine wood.
  • Practice with DIY projects
  • Invest in power tools
  • Utilize pallet wood/scrap wood/leftover wood.
  • Use word of mouth to get the word out. 


What wooden items sell well?

Some of the best wooden items that sell well are wooden signs, wooden pallets, kitchenware, furniture, surfboards, boxes, and picture frames. You can also make significant profits by making and selling chests, which people use for home decoration and to store items. 

How do I start selling wood projects?

The best way to start selling your wood projects is to sell locally. For instance, many successful woodworkers started off selling their wares in garages before graduating to dedicated stores. Besides local selling, you can also easily sell your items online, especially on social media. It’s completely free. 

How do I start a woodworking business?

You should begin with a plan. Once you have a plan, turn the woodworking business into a legal entity by getting the necessary permits and licenses. Then get insurance for your business to protect yourself from liabilities. From there, you can open a business account for the business, get an address, and set up a website for your business. 

What can I build at home to sell?

You can make at least 90% of the wooden items typically made in professional workshops at home and sell them offline or online. These include regular and fine furniture, cabinets, doors & door frames, windows & window frames, coat racks, fruit bowls, and wood carving designs. It all comes down to your interests. 

Is woodworking a good career?

Yes, woodworking is a skilled trade that can be an excellent career choice if done correctly. First off, it’s a wide industry with plenty of exciting subsectors. Additionally, woodworking offers excellent work-life balance and plenty of physical exercises often lacking in other careers. Above all, woodworking is profitable.

Wood Products That Sell Summary

Building woodworking crafts to sell can be a lucrative side hustle if you put in the hard work. You can even turn it into a full-time job if you’re dedicated.

However, it requires basic woodworking skills, standard tools, and the right marketing channels. Above all, you must identify items that sell fast in your community or target market.

Fortunately, you now know some of the most profitable woodworking projects to build and sell. Give us a call or drop a comment if you need any assistance.

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