About Woodworking Clarity

About Woodworking Clarity

Hello my wonderful guest! I’m Goodell, an avid woodworker, ex-finance nerd and the founder of this site. I’m so glad you stopped by and I’m excited about all I’ll get to teach you. 


Over the past few decades, I have made the transition from a woodworking hobbyist to a paid professional with a thriving practice, and I’m glad to help you on your journey.

The first time I was introduced to woodworking was when I was a young boy in Middle School. There I was in a room surrounded by all the dangerous tools my mother warned me about: hammers, chain saws, jointers and sanders, and I was hooked! 

Sadly, my enthusiasm was doused when the school discontinued the program, but I would live to learn another day. I would finally get my chance just after I started my own family.

Like many people reading this, I started woodworking out of necessity. Years ago, my house suffered severe water damage. I had to rip out old boards and do a semi-extensive remodel. When I got the quote from the contractor, I nearly fainted! A friend of mine said he could help me out a bit and we should try fixing it ourselves.

So, we got to work. To my surprise, the end result was pretty appalling – I don’t know why I thought it would work. However, I fell in love with the process and decided to keep trying, but with smaller projects next: drawers, chairs, kitchen cabinets, banisters. I turned my entire house into an experiment and eventually, I got very good! After that, my friends and neighbors started coming to me with opportunities. What began as a hobby became my main source of income in about two and a half years. So, I quit my job and dove right into it and I have never looked back.

It’s been a terrific ride so far and now I’m ready for a new chapter: teaching others. Whether you are learning as a hobbyist or as a professional, you’ve come to the right virtual workshop.

You see, one of the reasons I launched this website was because when I started, there weren’t a lot of resources on the internet. I had to learn the hard way by trial and error, and sometimes I paid to volunteer at a few workshops. But now, you can learn almost everything for free.

However, there is a lot of misleading and conflicting information on many of these DIY sites, which I’m sure you’ve noticed. So, I decided to create a page with verified, accurate, and reliable information. Woodworking is a relaxing and rewarding profession, and it’s my duty to ensure as many people as are interested should be able to, but that’s only possible when you have a trusted source.

Mission Statement

My mission is to help you make ends meet by learning some basic and/or advanced woodworking techniques.

How I Create Content

The aim of my content is to help you move from novice to professional in the quickest time possible. I write a ton of articles on each subject so that you can know it like the back of your hand……sander.

Think of this site as a woodworking college, at the end of which you’ll earn lifetime mastery of what would either be a great hobby or a terrific career.

In order to meet the demands of my students (you readers), I enlist the help of a few freelance writers. But don’t worry, everything is done under my tutelage. You can trust that everything you read has been tried and tested by me personally, or a lot of professionals with my level of skill or higher.

My Product Review Process

As an independent website, I have the privilege of not being sponsored by anyone, so all of my reviews are free from bias. When recommending products, I carry out a lot of research on both professional and casual users. I compare my findings to what others have discovered and share from my own experience too.

If it is a product I can’t test myself, I go through hundreds of reviews of the top-rated products that have been in the market for a while.

As you can imagine, this takes A LOT of time! Every review article can take anywhere from 24 hours to a few days of painstaking research, writing, editing and when I can, testing. But it is worth it to find the absolute best products available.

Is woodworkingclarity.com for everybody?

Absolutely! As someone that has done it for fun and as a living, I understand both sides and I prepare content for all consumers.

Whether you want to renovate your home or real estate investment, you are trying to make the most of your weekends or are a professional; you’ll always find helpful guides here.

And hey, even if you are not going to do some of the heavy lifting yourself, it doesn’t hurt to know enough to keep contractors in line, right? Just like I wish I did when I got ripped off years ago. But it’s okay, it’s all in the past, and I’m enjoying my sweet, sweet lemonade.

Hobbyist or pro, some of the things you’ll learn are:

  • How to complete basic renovations of your porch, kitchen or hardwood floors
  • How to choose the right paints, seals and stains for your projects
  • How to save money on large projects by using a few woodworking hacks
  • The best tools and products for different jobs based on thousands of positive reviews
  • How to make the most of the resources you have at your disposal when you can’t afford professional gear.

Are you ready to dive right in? Head over to my Tips & Guides page for some great tutorials to help you make your next project an out-sanding success.

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