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Fine Woodworking Specialist
Varnishing Techniques
Turning & Carving
French Polishing


  • Renowned Fine Woodworking Specialist, David Goodell, dedicated to making woodworking accessible and inspiring for beginners, DIYers, wood artisans, and woodworking hobbyists.
  • Holds a Bachelor's Degree in Woodworking from Northcentral Technical College and a Master’s in Woodworking with a major focus on Furniture Design & Manufacturing from the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design.
  • Featured in reputable publications such as Family Handyman, Woodworkers Guild of America, HomeLight, Homes & Gardens, and Fixr, showcasing expertise in varnishing techniques, wood turning & carving, and French polishing.


David Goodell is not just a woodworker, but also a dedicated educator. Since 2010, he has been teaching woodworking using engaging methods, both in classrooms and woodworking shows nationwide. He has influenced organizations like Andersen Window, the Pentagon, and Northwest Airlines, enhancing their woodworking programs.   David's writing philosophy is simple: simplify complex woodworking techniques to make them accessible. He wants to ignite a passion for crafting and building in people. His unique perspective shows in his articles, empowering readers to create confidently.   Beyond work, David loves travel and is committed to community service. He volunteers and does charity work, aiming to make a positive impact beyond the workshop.


David earned a Bachelor's Degree in Woodworking from Northcentral Technical College. And further honed his craft with a Master's in Woodworking, specializing in Furniture Design & Manufacturing, from the renowned Rhode Island School of Design.

Upcoming Projects

David is currently immersed in several magazine articles where he's set to explore tool reviews and wood improvement projects. These projects will further enrich his impressive work, contributing to his mission of making woodworking a passion for all. David Goodell's commitment to demystifying woodworking, his passion for teaching, and his dedication to community service make him an exceptional figure in the woodworking world. His ability to transform complex techniques into approachable practices is a true testament to his expertise and dedication.

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