Top 7 Best Stain Stripper: Reviews and Buyer Guide

Best Stain Stripper

Exterior wood and other wood surfaces deteriorate over time. Foot traffic, mold, and UV rays take a toll on protective wood stains, causing the surfaces to crack. want to breathe new life into wood furniture, you must remove the existing stain with paint strippers. Wood stain strippers remove paint and varnish, clean the wood surfaces … Read more

Best Blue Wood Stain Colors – How to Use Blue Wood Stain

Blue Wood Stain

Blue wood stain does an excellent job of bringing out the wood’s grain pattern. It is one of the most beautiful and popular options for its richness and ability to accentuate the wood’s natural beauty and match most décors. You can normally use blue wood stain on a wide range of interior and exterior surfaces, … Read more

5 Best Black Wood Stain – (How to Stain Wood Black)

Best Black Wood Stain

Darker wood stains have become a growing trend for wooden cabinets, hardwood floors, and various furniture around the house. A black wood stain can be a great way to make your wood look really dark, almost like a black painted surface, but without concealing the beautiful wood grain. It presents the best alternative for letting … Read more

Staining Birch Plywood – (Best Stain for Birch Plywood)

Staining Birch Plywood

Birch plywood is a favorite choice for various applications due to its relatively low cost despite being strong and durable, among other advantages. The wood looks great in its natural state. But if you want to match it with the rest of your décor, you may want it in a different shade. In such a … Read more

Staining Ash Wood: Does Ash Stain Well?

Staining Ash Wood

Ash wood is one of the most common hardwoods found in our homes. You’ll find it on the handle of most garden implements, in kitchen cabinets, food containers, furniture, flooring, and more. The wood comes from ash trees and has a beautiful beige to light brown color that is often stained to look like oak … Read more

Best Stain for Maple – (How to Stain Maple Step by Step)

Best Stain for Maple

Finding the best stain for maple wood can be a massive challenge for most woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts. You need to stain maple wood to prevent scratches and secure it from insect infestation, UV rays, mold and mildew, and rain. Also, Maple woods lose their color richness after many years of use. So, using maple … Read more