Polyurethane Vs Epoxy – Side by Side Comparison

Polyurethane Vs Epoxy

Epoxy and polyurethane are among the most popular finishes for concrete and other types of floors in commercial and residential structures. The two products are also commonly used to finish countless other surfaces, including countertops and furniture. It can be challenging to decide which way to go when choosing polyurethane vs epoxy for your next … Read more

How to Fix a Bad Polyurethane Job – (Solutions to 15 Common Problems)

How to Fix a Bad Polyurethane Job

Polyurethane finishes are among the commonest today and for a good reason. They look great, but only when done correctly. During their application, there is always the possibility of mistakes and problems, which can dent their aesthetic goodness. There are different types of problems that can arise with a polyurethane job. Fortunately, these problems are … Read more

Top 7 Best Polyurethane for Wood Countertops

Best Polyurethane for Wood Countertops

Wooden surfaces like countertops in kitchens and bathrooms frequently come in contact with water and moisture that can damage them. Thankfully, the best polyurethane for wood countertops can provide the needed protection against moisture-related damage.  You want to go for food-safe polyurethane for kitchen countertops to avoid putting your family at risk of food poisoning.  … Read more

Can You Sleep in a House After Polyurethane?

can you sleep in house after polyurethane

Can You Sleep in a House After Polyurethane? Well, polyurethane makes a fine finishing product. But with that comes the health and environmental hazards because of its toxicity. Most clients prefer to oversee projects going on in their homes, and that’s okay. However, some projects may require households to evacuate while others don’t. If you … Read more

Is Polyurethane Waterproof? How Do You Make Wood Waterproof?

Is Polyurethane Waterproof

Polyurethane is a household name across the woodworking community due to its numerous benefits. But is polyurethane waterproof, or does it need to be used alongside other waterproofing methods to protect the wood from water damage?   Polyurethane is a varnish and synthetic resin popular for finishing wooden floors, furniture, cabinets, and other wooden items. Its … Read more

Sanding Sealer Vs Polyurethane

sanding sealer vs polyurethane

Wood is a thirsty product. It laps up every liquid that’s spilled, poured, or brushed onto it, except sealer. So when working on porous woods like spruce and cedar, it’s nearly impossible to get a smooth coat without first filling the pores. Choosing a suitable sealer is critical to achieving a gorgeous, smooth finish. So, … Read more

Can You Polyurethane Over Polycrylic

Can you polyurethane over polycrylic?

Can you polyurethane over polycrylic? This is a question that comes up often, and the short answer is no. The reason for this is because of the different characteristics of each product. For example, Polycrylic has a glossy finish, while polyurethane has a satin or matte finish. If you want to get rid of an … Read more