Can You Shellac Over Paint?

Can You Shellac Over Paint Image

Painting wood is a fast and easy way to change the color or enhance the grain. But sometimes, paint isn’t the right finish. Shellac is a popular alternative to paint for woodwork and walls because it’s easy to apply and has a beautiful, high-gloss finish. But can you shellac over paint? Here we explore whether … Read more

Do You Paint the Inside of Kitchen Cabinets

Do You Paint the Inside of Kitchen Cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets can significantly spruce up your kitchen and customize the space to your taste. But do you paint the inside of kitchen cabinets during this home improvement exercise? Since the kitchen cabinet interiors are mostly hidden out of sight, painting them is optional. However, so going has its fair share of benefits. While … Read more

Is Spray Paint Waterproof?

Is Spray Paint Waterproof

One of the main reasons for using spray paint is its convenience. These aerosols provide a quick and easy way to apply the paint and achieve the desired coverage even without prior painting experience. But if you are working on a project exposed to weather elements, you will want to use paint that can withstand … Read more

Top 9 Best Paint for Plywood Floor, Cabinets, and Furniture – (How to Paint Plywood)

Best Paint for Plywood

You need to paint plywood to create a smooth surface that’s effortless to clean and maintain. Painting plywood seals the end grain, prevents warping, and keeps mildew growth at bay. The best paints for plywood should be easy to use, durable, and affordable. We are professional woodworkers who spend countless hours researching plywood paints. We … Read more

9 Best Clear Coat for Latex Paint – (How to Apply a Clear Coat Over Latex Paint)

Best Clear Coat for Latex Paint

Latex is a water-based paint consisting of acrylic resin in its formula. It is highly flexible, making it durable and extremely resistant to chipping and cracking. However, latex paint tends to fade with time. But sealing it with the best clear coat for latex paint can help preserve the color. Clear coats like polyurethane usually … Read more

Can You Use Outdoor Paint Inside? Is it Dangerous?

Can You Use Outdoor Paint Inside

You probably know that exterior paints are naturally more resilient to the elements, which may get you wondering if you could bring those benefits indoors. Exterior-grade paints contain additives and binders that make them hold up well against harsh conditions. Using such paint in indoor areas like the kitchen and bathroom, where humidity and molds … Read more

Can You Use Concrete Paint or Stain on Wood?

Can You Use Concrete Paint on Wood

Painting is one of the many known ways to finish wood. A good coat of paint enhances the aesthetic qualities of the underlying wood surface. Additionally, applying paint protects the wood core from weather and other elements that may cause damages, such as scratches. However, a common question is whether you can use concrete paint … Read more

How To Remove Spray Paint from Wood

How To Remove Spray Paint from Wood

Learning how to remove spray paint from wood can help you get rid of: paint overspray, old paint you would like to strip, or ugly graffiti someone left on your wood fence.  Spray painting with a gun is an easy way to achieve a seamless paint result. Unfortunately, this also means it’s as easy to … Read more