When you watch videos of people whittling without gloves, it can look cool, but don’t be deceived. Those videos are either by experts who have spent years learning proper knife handling techniques or they have very good health insurance.

Instead, we recommend that all beginners should always wear carving gloves. While you can wear regular shop gloves, they don’t offer optimum protection. What you need are the best wood carving gloves.

We have compiled a list of gloves with the highest cut-resistance and a guide to help you whittle down your options.

Our Top Picks

Best Wood Carving Gloves

  1. DEX FIT Level 5 Cut Resistant Gloves Cru553Editor’s Pick
  2. FORTEM Cut Resistant GlovesBest Value Cut Resistant Gloves
  3. NoCry Cut Resistant GlovesBest Customer Care
  4. Stark Safe Cut Resistant GlovesBest for Comfort
  5. G & F Products 77100 MBest for Heat Resistance
  6. Dowellife Level 9 Cut Resistant GloveBest Size Range
  7. NoCry Cut Resistant Protective Work GlovesBest for Beginners
  8. G & F 1607L Cut Resistant Work GlovesBest for Cutting and Glass Handling
  9. Schwer 2.0 Upgraded Version of Level 9 Cut Resistant GloveBest Stainless Steel

Best Gloves for Wood Carving Reviews

1. Editor’s Pick – DEX FIT Level 5 Cut Resistant Gloves Cru553

DEX FIT Level 5 Cut Resistant Gloves Cru553, 3D-Comfort Fit,...
  • HIGHEST CUT PROOF. Protect your hands from cuts and punctures while handling sharp metals, knife, blade, glass, plastic sheet, paper, construction materials, mandolin slicer, and cutting meat. Qualified ANSI Cut A5
  • COMFORTABLE ALL DAY LONG. Cru553 work gloves fit snug without constricting your fingers. Their 13-gauge cool yarn is made of HPPE and Spandex to give you second-skin dexterity, precision and protection
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE IN ALL CONDITIONS. Need to grab slippery tools or knives? Our foam nitrile rubber coating is anti slip even on greasy or wet surfaces. Water based and touchscreen friendly, it passed the FDA food contact coating test

We start this list with a glove that shuts down the critics. The major problem with gloves when whittling is you can’t move your fingers freely or hold softwood with a tight grip.

Well, the Dex Fit Cru553 dares to be different! Made from nitrile and nylon/spandex, these gloves are lightweight yet carry the highest EN388 ratings for any protective glove.

It is rated 4 for abrasion resistance and 5 for cut resistance, and 4 for puncture resistance, each one the highest possible rating. This makes this glove as good as it gets to protect your fingers when whittling and sanding.

Besides offering optimum protection, you also get great ease of use. The spandex material means these gloves fit comfortably around your fingers.

The rubber coating enables you to grip the wood firmly while also protecting your palms from splinters. One of the more peculiar features of these gloves is that you can also use them in wet conditions.

This makes it one of the few gloves you can use confidently with greenwood. The one problem we have with these gloves is that the rubber does develop a bit of a smell after a while, but perhaps that is the price of comfort.

What We Liked Most

  • Level 5 cut-resistance
  • Fits snugly on fingers
  • It protects against splinters
  • It can be used in wet conditions

What Could Be Improved

  • The rubber emits a chemical smell

2. Best Value Cut Resistant Gloves – FORTEM Cut Resistant Gloves

FORTEM Cut Resistant Gloves, 16 Gloves, Level 5 Protection...
  • 🧤TOTAL OF 16 GLOVES (Small Pack of 8)
  • Superior Quality - Fortem cut proof gloves are made with 13 Gauge Knitted, Seamless HHPE/Nylon and provide level 5 protection (EN388 Certified) for different tasks. If your job requires handling knives, you need cut gloves for your safety.
  • Breathable and Comfortable - Besides the comfort, the snug fit & grip of these anti-cut gloves will really give you confidence. Perfect if you’re looking for fish cleaning gloves, oyster gloves, woodworking gloves, or any job that requires precise blade handling.

Next, we have a multipurpose glove that was built with agility in mind. The Fortem Cut Resistant gloves were made for food prep, including shucking oysters.

However, they possess the highest cut-resistance rating, making them perfect for woodcarving. The Fortem gloves are made from HHPE/nylon, making them extremely light and breathable.

Despite their lightweight material, these gloves are rated Level 5 for EN388 certification. You will also have a strong grip with these, which makes them perfect for beginners learning how to whittle a stick.

One feature that helps make this glove stand out is that it is washing machine safe. This will come in handy if you’re applying topcoats to your projects.

As great as these gloves are, they have one major drawback for wood carving, and that’s the lack of rubber palms. Tiny splinters of wood can slip between the fibers. However, you can pluck them out.

If for some reason, your gloves get damaged without excessive force, you have a one-year warranty to shield you.

What We Liked Most

  • Certified level 5 cut-resistance
  • It fits hands comfortably
  • Washing machine safe
  • 1-year warranty

What Could Be Improved

  • Splinters can slip between fibers

3. Best Customer Care – NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves

NoCry Premium Cut Resistant Gloves Food Grade — Level 5...
  • 4X STRONGER THAN LEATHER — Made from the highest level of cut resistant material on the market — 4X stronger than leather and 10X stronger than steel. These cutting gloves are extremely durable, offering you maximum protection at all times.
  • 100% FOOD SAFE — Superior grip and a snug fit keep sharp blades securely in your hand — prepare food with excellent dexterity and precision. These cut proof gloves for men are perfect for oyster shucking, dicing vegetables, or using the mandolin.
  • AMBIDEXTROUS — These cut gloves food grade can be worn on either hand, making these woodworking gloves a top choice for anyone in need of premium cut protection. And the breathable design keeps your hands dry and comfortable all day long.

When you see a brand with a name so bold, you can’t help but have high expectations. Fortunately, the name matches the product exactly!

The No Cry Cut Resistant Gloves are EN388 certified Level 5 cut-resistance (2003), which makes them perfect for a wide range of uses.

These gloves for wood carving are made from a blend of polyethylene, spandex, and fiberglass. This combination makes them super tough and it provides ultimate dexterity.

One thing that makes these gloves stand out slightly from the competitors is that they are ambidextrous. So, however you put them on, you’re guaranteed to have maximum dexterity and agility.

After a long day of carving and finishing, you can throw them into the washing machine, and they’ll be ready for the next project. These gloves are meant for multipurpose use and are certified safe for food prep.

One final thing to highlight about these gloves is the limited lifetime warranty. While this sounds great in theory, the manufacturer expects you to complain within 30 days of purchase if you are dissatisfied with the gloves.

What We Liked Most

  • Very comfortable fit
  • The gloves are ambidextrous
  • Washing machine friendly
  • Level 5 cut-resistance

What Could Be Improved

  • Wood chips might get stuck between fibers

4. Best for Comfort – Stark Safe Cut Resistant Gloves

Stark Safe Cut Resistant Gloves, Level 5 Protection, Kitchen...
6,101 Reviews
Stark Safe Cut Resistant Gloves, Level 5 Protection, Kitchen...
  • QUALITY WHERE IT COUNTS: Stark Safe cut resistant gloves are made with the highest level of cut resistant material available on the market - 4 times stronger than leather - Level 5 cut resistance protection (EN388).
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Great for food prep, cutting, slicing, peeling, grating, mandoline use, wood carving, oyster shucking, carpentry, metal work and more. Bulk Prices available for butchers, restaurants, and businesses.
  • COMFORT FIT: Superior grip with a snug fit for small and large hands - prepare food or work on jobs with ultimate dexterity and precision. These cut gloves provide the feeling you need to get the job done.

When you’re handling wood while carving, the most important thing you need, perhaps even more important than cut resistance, is a firm grip. That is where the Stark Safe Cut Resistant gloves excel.

They are made from a breathable yet snug fabric that allows you to enjoy the whittling process. These are advertised as multipurpose gloves, and they are made for food handling.

However, they offer the highest cut resistance you need for wood carving – EN388 Level 5. One distinguishing feature is your hands don’t get clammy when you work.

You can whittle for hours without losing grip or the gloves emitting a foul smell. When you have used them for a while, you can put them in a washing machine without compromising comfort or protection.

However, ensure you don’t use a dryer. Instead, leave them to hang dry, and they’ll be almost as good as new. One common complaint about these gloves is quite a number of them have been delivered with a few faults.

However, the customer care is outstanding, and they will gladly replace any defective product.

What We Liked Most

  • Fits comfortably
  • It comes in different sizes
  • Excellent customer care
  • Level 5 cut-resistance

What Could Be Improved

  • Quality control issues

5. Best for Heat Resistance – G & F Products 77100 M

G & F Products 77100 M Cut Resistant With Anti-Slip Silicone...
  • Premium quality cut resistant material: the cut resistant Gloves are made from 100% cut resistant fiber that ensures protection from cut level 5 while working on any type of cutting
  • Premium quality heat resistant material: the cut resistant Gloves are coated with silicone block palm coating technology that ensures protection from heat.
  • Total protection from cuts and heat- cut resistant Gloves meet – Cut standards that ensure protection of your hands from scrapes, cuts and heat

Here’s another multipurpose glove that leaves woodworkers gleaning. The G & F 77100M is made from high-performance polyethylene (HPPE) fiber and is rated Level 3 cut-resistance.

While these gloves don’t have the highest cut resistance, they make up for it with silicone block palm coating. The silicone serves two very important functions.

The first purpose is that it improves your grip, providing a strong grip on even the smallest blocks of wood. The second purpose is that the silicone blocks provide heat resistance.

This makes this one of very few gloves that are suitable for pyrography, especially in the likely event that your wood-burning tool gets too hot. When you do make a mess, these are washing machine safe.

Another unintended benefit of the silicone block is that, unlike other HPPE gloves, this one provides less space for wood splinters to pierce through.

However, the downside is these gloves are not as symmetrical or snug as you may like, so they can feel a bit bulky.

What We Liked Most

  • Heat resistant
  • Washing machine friendly
  • Excellent grip on small blocks
  • It comes in different sizes

What Could Be Improved

  • Gloves are slightly bulky
  • Level 3 cut-resistance

6. Best Size Range – Dowellife Level 9 Cut Resistant Glove

Dowellife Level 9 Cut Resistant Glove Food Grade, Stainless...
  • ANSI level 9 protection from cuts and abrasions---Made of 316L stainless steel and anti-cutting HDPE wire, the cut resistant glove is awarded with the highest ANSI level 9 cut resistance certification and will keep you away from injured of knife cutting, slicing, shucking, peeling.
  • Wear resistant and food safe---The steel wire is wrapped in the composite fiber (anti cutting PE and elastic yarn) by wrapping process, which will enhance the durability and comfort property of gloves. The material is food safe and suitable for food processing.
  • Fit and comfort---The metal glove comes with an extra soft nylon glove and an adjustable buckle. The nylon glove is used an inner glove to increase comfort, and the buckle can make your wrist fit more closely together. The single glove can be worn in the left hand or in the right.

Wood carving gloves aren’t meant to be cute; they aren’t meant to be fashionable, and that’s okay as long as they provide absolute protection. If that is all you care about, then you’ve found a winner!

Behold the not so pretty yet near-indestructible Dowellife Level 9 Cut Resistant Glove. These metal mesh gloves are made of 316L stainless steel, which is also referred to as marine-grade stainless steel.

The steel wires are wrapped in high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is elastic and also makes the glove more durable.

Thanks to the superior materials and design, these gloves are rated Level 9 by ANSI for protection against cuts and abrasions. This is the highest grade given by ANSI, so you have full confidence when using this.

As you’d expect from a stainless steel glove, there is an inner glove made of nylon, which makes this glove very comfortable. What we were surprised about is that this is machine washable, and no, it won’t rust.

The only issue we have with this glove is that finding the right size can be tricky, so you may have to order a replacement.

What We Liked Most

  • Level 9 certified by ANSI
  • It fits comfortably
  • Rustproof
  • Washing machine safe

What Could Be Improved

  • The sizes aren’t accurate
  • You only get one glove

7. Best Wood Cutting Gloves for Beginners – NoCry Cut Resistant Protective Work Gloves with Rubber Grip Dots

NoCry Heavy Duty Cut Resistant Work Gloves — Durable Cut...
  • Cut resistant and heavy duty — These cut proof gloves for men have the highest cut protection rating available: Level 5. In other words, these cut resistant gloves food grade protect your hands from slashing cuts made by sharp blades and knives.
  • Tough, durable and flexible knife gloves — These no cut gloves are made with a blend of stainless steel, high-performance polyethylene, glass fiber, and spandex, these cutting gloves cut resistant gloves work as hard as you do.
  • Breathable and comfy all day — Wear your fish cleaning gloves as you work on quilting projects, spend time in your outdoor garden, whittle in the yard or head to the warehouse for work. Wherever you go, these cut gloves food grade can go with you. And thanks to the comfy material, they won’t irritate your skin.

Here’s another fabulous product from No Cry. Unlike their other multipurpose glove, this one is better suited for wood carving. For starters, this is made out of a stainless steel, HPPE, and fiberglass blend.

This makes it cut-resistant yet very flexible. The spandex ensures that they fit snugly on your hand, while the stainless steel makes you feel safe. What takes this protection over the top are the silicone grip dots.

Not only do these provide excellent grip for even the smallest and most slippery projects, but they also act as in-built thumb guards. This is one of the most enjoyable gloves to wear, and you can use them for hours without feeling any discomfort.

Just as with their other products, No Cry is willing to replace or offer a full refund if you’re not happy within 30 days of use. While this is one of the best gloves for wood carving, it only works well if you buy the right size, which can be tricky.

The color of the gloves begins to change after a few months, but that doesn’t affect performance, so that shouldn’t be a hindrance.

What We Liked Most

  • Fits snugly
  • It has enhanced grip
  • Silicone grip limits wood chips
  • Great customer service

What Could Be Improved

  • Not true to the advertised size
  • Color changes after a while

8. Best for Cutting and Glass Handling – G & F 1607L Cut Resistant Work Gloves

G & F 1607L Cut Resistant Work Gloves, 100-Percent Kevlar...
  • Made of 100-Percent DuPont Kevlar cut resistant fiber
  • Coated with Blue latex on palm, fingertips, and thumb
  • Tensile strength, cut and puncture protection

Next, we have another brand that wants to outdo itself. The G&F 1607L is one of the most easily distinguishable gloves due to its strong color contrast.

Unlike its more trendy sibling, these gloves look very much like work gloves, and that is precisely what you get. These gloves for wood carving are made of 100% DuPont Kevlar, which has one of the highest levels of cut resistance.

While this is already pretty good, G&F has added blue latex on the palm. The latex boosts the cut resistance while also providing extra grip, which is necessary when whittling stronger woods or greenwood.

One word of caution is that the latex-covered side of the gloves provides good protection against cuts, while the back of your hands will be vulnerable.

This should not be a problem for wood carving, provided you use proper knife-holding techniques and don’t do anything fancy. The major downside is these gloves have a limited size range, so you may not find them in your size.

What We Liked Most

  • Enhanced grip
  • Fits snugly
  • Protects your thumbs
  • Budget-friendly

What Could Be Improved

  • Limited size range
  • The back of the gloves is not cut-resistant

9. Best Stainless Steel – Schwer 2.0 Upgraded Version of Level 9 Cut Resistant Glove

Schwer ANSI A9 Cut Resistant Glove, Food Grade Stainless...
  • 【HIGHEST ANSI A9 CUT RESISTANT】 ISEA- the US professional agency made an level 9 judgment on our cut resistant factor,which means that this new stainless steel glove has reached the highest cut resistant rating.
  • 【EXCELLENT KITCHEN SAFETY TOOL】The upgraded gloves are wrapped with HPPE wire on the basis of 316L stainless steel wire,Keep you away from knife cutting, slicing, shelling and peeling injuries when handling food grade food and ensure hygiene.
  • 【STRONGER PROTECTION AND DURABLE】The upgraded version 2.0 gloves incorporate HPPE-wrapped steel wire that is 16 times stronger and more densely organized, so your work gloves won't tear as easily as before! You'll be pleasantly surprised to find that your work gloves are more comfortable and tougher, which means you can use them for longer!

Finally, we have another metal mesh glove. The Schwer cut resistant glove is an upgrade of an already fantastic project. The previous model of these gloves was only made of stainless steel wire.

While this provided optimum protection and was certified A9 cut-resistant by ISEA, they were not comfortable and the steel used to get frayed.

This upgrade has the wires wrapped with HPPE to make it fit your hand better and also provides added protection. Sadly, just like other stainless steel products, this is only one glove – we recommend having a pair for wood carving.

While you can wear this glove on its own, you should get the free inner nylon glove or purchase it yourself if necessary. This will make carving wood easier, and your skin won’t chafe.

Another great addition to this upgrade is it comes with antibacterial yarn. Besides that, you can also wash these gloves by hand or with a dishwasher. Our only gripe is that this glove is not very comfortable the first time around.

What We Liked Most

  • A9 cut-resistance
  • Value for money
  • Dishwasher safe
  • It has antibacterial yarn

What Could Be Improved

  • Not very comfortable
  • You only get one glove

Best Wood Carving Gloves Comparison Table

Education: How to Choose the Best Whittling Glove

Cut resistance

When you are handling a wood whittling knife, mistakes happen. The purpose of safety gloves is to help you carve safely, so this has to be the first thing you consider.

The two major standards for measuring cut resistance are EN388 and ANSI/ISEA. Level 5 is the highest for EN388, while A9 is the highest for ANSI. Start at the highest, then work your way down.


The second thing to consider is how well the gloves fit. What tends to happen is if the safety gloves are too tight, too loose, or too bulky, you won’t be able to handle the wood carving tools properly.

As such, people then refuse to wear the gloves or may opt instead for a thumb guard. However, while a thumb guard is good, it does nothing for fingertips or palms.

Therefore, ensure you get comfortable protective gloves you want to keep wearing. Wood carving gloves with spandex are usually the most comfortable. Kevlar gloves also provide a snug fit.


Another thing that is non-negotiable is superior grip. After all, protective gloves are useless if they won’t let you work. Gloves with rubber gripping material tend to work very well.

The Dex Fit gloves have foam nitrile rubber palms that provide superior grip. Both G&F gloves also have it. However, Dex Fit can also be used in oily conditions, thus making it a cut above.


When you wear gloves for long stretches of time, they will develop a stench. Therefore, it is helpful if the gloves can be washed easily with a dishwasher, washing machine, or by hand.

Fortunately, most of the cut-resistant gloves on our list meet that criterion.


When you are looking for the best gloves for wood carving, the final thing to consider is the price. The main reason is you don’t want to buy something cheap that sends you to the ER.

The other reason is most gloves are competitively priced anyway, so this isn’t a big factor as it is with other wood carving products.

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No Glove, No Carve

It cannot be emphasized enough how dangerous wood carving can be and why you need the best wood carving gloves. To ensure you enjoy the wood carving journey, you have to stay protected.

Wear protective gloves that are cut-resistant, comfortable, and easy to clean with a firm grip. With that in mind, the best wood carving gloves are the Dex Fit Cru553.

It meets all of the criteria while also providing ultimate dexterity. Frankly, there’s nothing more you need in a glove.

However, you might need something to practice, so here are some easy beginner wood carving projects.

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